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Want to Know More About Joanna Frankham Coaching?

Joanna Frankham Coaching Video

Joanna Frankham Coaching Video

Instead of writing you oodles and oodles of words about Joanna Frankham Coaching, I thought you might appreciate a wee video instead.

So, here it is, my overview of the essence of Joanna Frankham Coaching, with a hefty dose of me thrown in for good measure. I hope you enjoy!

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to talk more about how working with me can help you improve your health, please drop me a line…

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Comments (11)

Hi Joanna,
I love, love your new site! It’s gorgeous. More videos, please. Great pacing. Great opening quote. This is going to be fun AND helpful to follow.
(By the way, I bought a notebook dedicated specifically for your recipes!)

Lovely T!

Thanks so much for the typically-Theadora enthusiasm. I wish I could bottle you!

SO chuffed you have a special notebook, my friend.

Off to NZ next week – I will say hello from you. X

Say, did you happen to catch the brilliant Jernaine Clement’s “What We Do in the Shadows” movie? Oh, My. Goodness. So Brilliant!! (They are so fancy pants smarts.)
And so are you. At my home post, we are now enjoying meat free week day meals. Thanks to you! Heaven. And O! So interesting. BRAVO. ~T.

Great video. Well done!

We love your video. Of course, we love anything with a Poodle in in, 🙂

Hello Joanna,
Your video podcast was amazing!!! Such a great synthetic view on how our life should all be about….
Thank you for your vision!!!!
I wish you a wonderful week with your family

Bless your cottons socks, lovely France 🙂

Thank you.

How lovely to hear your voice~!

I felt the same way when I saw your vid’ with Matthew!

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