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I Want to Crochet Like Luisa De Santi

Image of Luisa De Santi
Luisa De Santi
(Image sourced from Baron di Rondo)

One of my favourite things about writing a wee blog post each day is that it provides me with the excuse to forage for the most interesting and creative people. It is a real luxury and I really love it. Today, I want to share a little of Luisa De Santi and her incredible, colourful and creative crochet. I think her ‘Creatura Vegetale’ (Plant Creatures) work is out of this world.

In some wee corner of my mind, after I’ve attended crochet lessons, I dream I’ll be able to create otherworldly figures like she does. I did say dream…

Image of Luisa De Santi's Creatura Vegetale 03 Rossa
Creatura Vegetale 03 Rossa by Luisa De Santi
(Image sourced from Baron di Rondo)
Image of Luisa De Santi's Creatura Vegetale 04 Verde
Creatura Vegetale 04 Verde by Luisa De Santi
(Image sourced from Baron di Rondo)
Image of Luisa De Santi's Creatura Vegetale Azzurra
Creatura Vegetale 02 Azzurra
(Image sourced from Baron di Rondo)
Image of Luisa De Santi's Creatura Vegetale 01 Verde
Creatura Vegetale 01 Verde by Luisa De Santi
(Image sourced from Baron di Rondo)
Image of Luisa De Santi's Creatura Vegetale 00 Verde
Creatura Vegetale 00 Verde by Luisa De Santi
(Image sourced from Baron di Rondo)

Nicknamed ‘Crochet Doll’, Luisa De Santi originates from Trieste, Italy. She started stitching and crochet at a very early age.

A keen vegan and animal rights advocate, Luisa doesn’t crochet with traditional wool. Her ‘Creatura Vegetale’ creations were born out of a view that the lines between the plant and animal kingdoms are blurrier than we may realise. She likens the pieces to the experience of travelling to a tropical garden. What an imagination!

I know I have one or two readers (!) who are perhaps not so keen on abstract forms. Luisa is also a keen puppet and doll maker, so for you, a couple of images of some of Luisa’s more traditional ‘Bambole Moderne’ (Modern Dolls) pieces.

(I’m pretty sure patterns to the modern Dolls are still available)

Image of Luisa De Santi's Bambole Moderne 1
Bambole Moderne 1
(Image sourced from Baron di Rondo)
Image of Luisa De Santi's Bambole Moderne 2
Bambole Moderne 2 by Luisa De Santi
(Image sourced from Baron di Rondo)

If you would like to know more about Luisa De Santi, she seems to have more than one website. I found the most helpful was this one here.

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Comments (37)

Amazing! Who knew crochet could be so fun?

Not me, Kristin! Well, I hope it will be… Start the first lesson next week!

Oh! I do adore those dolls! The abstract stuff is incredible too – but as much as I totally love abstracts, I think those dolls are too adorable! I love that you are thinking ahead, J, how are your classes going?

Hi Shira – class starts next week. I keep finding these amazing artists who inspire, but I have a sneaking suspicion this won’t be a craft that comes easily to my wee brain!

I love the second doll. 🙂

Very cool!!! How on earth does she come up with such unique patterns?! Other-worldly is a very accurate word. It’s hard to pick my favorite – I love them all!

Me too, Angela. I think they’re amazing. 🙂

So great! And I am fairly certain that I work with that Bambole Moderne 2… 🙂

We could get you a pattern, Sparks. You could make it for her ‘Secret Santa’ present…?

Love the colours. I think I would enjoy sleeping on one of these, they look so soft and cuddly. Beloved never got beyond crochet squares so she is very impressed.
As a simple Tibbie who doesn’t get to go to Art galleries I enjoy your daily offerings very much.

Beloved and I may have more in common than you think, Zac. I am starting my crochet journey next week.

Very happy you enjoy popping in! 🙂

Enjoy the crocheting, maybe we’ll be seeing some of your creations on the blog one day!

The depths of the imagination are in her abstract creations. If she doesn’t use traditional wool, what does she use?

Hey ho Marina! Apparently, mainly cottons, but she says she has used almost every synthetic on the market.

Interesting…! Recycled synthetics I hope 😉

That, I don’t know, Marina. I know Luisa feels strongly about animal welfare… She apparently uses mainly cottons, though

I was also wondering what she uses other than wool. The dolls are cute, but the abstract creations kind of creep me out for some reason!

Is it because they are faceless, WIM2S? There is a slightly dark component at play, I think.

Beautiful work. 😀

Cheers Mags. Have a great weekend! 🙂

How fab….. but TSL I have high hopes for you that you can knock them out of the park once you start your course!!

Having someone in your corner is a wonderful thing, BCD. Thanks, my blogging bud’. 🙂

Wow! Me too! I can’t even make a scarf! Crap!

Me neither, ABBBB! Hopefully that is all about to change…! Thanks for stopping by.

Amazing and playful!

They are fun, aren’t they. Happy you enjoyed ’em, Lafy Fi 🙂

These are amazing… plus I love the fact she is a greenie 🙂

Hiya Lou! – Glad you like Luisa’s work. I reckon’ it’s pretty amazing, too! 🙂

I marvel at how you find these things. So very cute.

Glad you enjoyed them, J. 🙂

most fabulous…thanks for sharing

I thought so… Where do people come up with these ideas?

I often think that 🙂

I think this is great & have a friend who is a textile artist – I will forward on. Thku

Kirsty – Apologies for the tardy response. How rude of me!

Hope your friend enjoys the post! 🙂

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