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I Want To Go To Dover Street Market…

When I was perhaps 18 or 19 years old I splashed out on my first piece of Comme des Garçon clothing. Looking back, it was a ridiculously expensive purchase for a university student. It was an over-sized mens shirt. I loved that shirt. Just loved it. I thought I was so cool when I wore it with my straight leg jeans, rolled up at the cuff and my brogues.

Then, in my twenties, I bought a Comme des Garçon black chiffon shirt (patterned on a denim jacket, but in silk). Almost twenty years on, and I still wear it. Still love it, too. It’s my go-to piece when I want to have a casual-yet-glam’ wee number to throw over my shoulders.

You may recall me mentioning recently that I’m taking a crochet class in May. My brother refers to my craft endeavours as ‘haberdashery classes’. I think he just likes the word haberdashery, but I don’t care. If I can end up creating things like these yummy Comme des Garçon Crochet Jumpers, I will be one very happy crochet-ing camper… (a girl’s gotta’ dream, doesn’t she?)

Image of Comme des Garcons crochet needle jumpers
Comme des Garçon Crochet Needle Jumpers
Image sourced from Dover Street Market

Designed by Rei Kawakubo, founder of the label, who says that these men’s and women’s jumpers are the perfectly example of “made with love and attention by mother”. They have been created with a handmade finish in patterns reminiscent of the past. They are apparently also available as scarves, but I kinda’ like the modern-retro feel of the jumpers.

Image of Comme de Garcon designer Rei Kawabuko
Comme des Garçon Designer and Founder, Rei Kawabuko
Image taken by Kate Betts (2007) for Ego Design

Rei Kawabuko apparently once said, “The only thing important to me is making clothes,” For more than four decades, she has continually upset the industry apple cart by challenging accepted standards of beauty. I love that about her designs.

Dover Street Market has an online shop if you happen to anywhere but London. You can visit it here.

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Comments (28)

I’m sure if you stick with the classes you will definitely be able to crochet just about anything you would like, crochet items are so beautiful and you can create so many wonderful things in your own style. My Mum did beautiful crochet work, unfortunately I was (in my mind) always too busy to learn.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Mags. I’m not so sure (I have failed several attempts at learning to knit!) 🙂

I love the fact that this is a timeless part of your wardrobe style! I love your personal history to this!

Cheers Kristin… maybe I should be blogging about all the items of clothing I’ve had in my wardrobe for years and years… THAT might be overkill! 🙂

Not overkill- merely providing inspiration to stick with those items that define you! Investments that stand the test of time, indeed!! ; )

Sorry, my friend – I was being a tad flippant, and you were being so gracious. I have many faithful pieces that have been around for years. Good design is timeless. 🙂

How true! Great Style and Great design is timeless!
No apologies needed! ; ) Love your blog!~

Very cute and perfect for the winter months, although have to agree with the others I am sure you will be able to blow these out of the water with your new found crochet talents 🙂

Ha! I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

That’s funny that your brother likes to say ‘haberdashery classes’ to tease – ahhh, brothers. They will always be kids!! And they always make us laugh! Cool stuff – can’t wait to see what you make!

I can’t wait to see if I can make a n y t h i n g!!! When I booked, I made sure absolute beginners were catered for… 🙂

You certainly will make some wonderful things – you’re too inspired by things not to. PS Have you seen the blog, White Cabana? You may like it. I don’t have the link on me but if you have trouble finding it, I will search it for you.

Going to check out White Cabana now. Thanks for the tip (and the confidence booster!) 🙂

I am going to spend all day tomorrow trying to find contexts in which I can say the word “haberdashery”!

Excellent plan! Please let me know how that progresses?

I want to see that ‘wee’ number – I am sure it is fabulous! You’ll get there..I’ve confidence in you my friend! XO from TO!

It is quite a fabulous wee number, S! 🙂

How is Toronto? How long are you there? The family must be missing you BIG TIME!

It’s pretty mutual! I’ll be back soon enough though! They are *managing* aka, Dad treats them to dinners out and they love that time with him too! xo!

That’s what Dads do! Travel safe 🙂

I’m with your brother – love the word haberdashery! ‘Tis tough to work into a sentence in everyday life, though. If your course empowers you to produce some jumpers (are they still called jumpers when they’re fancy?) like the gorgeous ones in that photo, can you please open a little shop to sell them (at mates’ rates) to your blog fans? 🙂

If they’re fancy and they’re no longer jumpers, what would they be…? I love your faith in me, Sparks. I promise to give you mates rates on a fancy-schmancy not-jumper if I ever end up selling them! 🙂

Do check out Opening Ceremony as well if you get a chance:
They’ve got really great, up and coming chic designers too.. I find quite similar to Dover St Market but their stores are curated really well..

Thanks LXAX – Awesome suggestion. Do you know, I had it on my list in NY last year and we never made it (because I found so many other incredible opportunities to spend money!) It is all part of my cunning plan to ensure I get back there in the not too distant future… :-

that’s great! – “(because I found so many other incredible opportunities to spend money!)” I bet there’s lot of good stuff down under to spend money on too, thank goodness (for me) the aussie dollar is too strong at the moment!

Happy, aren’t they? We’re heading into winter here, so just what we need 🙂

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