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Introducing the JFC SOUP EQUATION!

The Soup Equation

The one soup equation to rule them all!

  • Do you struggle to get your 8-plus cups of vegetables every day?
  • Is your fridge filled with what’s fresh and in-season each week but find you don’t get around to finishing those vegetables because life gets in the way?
  • Are you inspired by all those fantastic health bloggers and the food they prepare but find you run out of puff before you can cook their amazing recipes?

This healing caper can be a challenge, can’t it? – Don’t eat this. Eat more of that… especially liver! Make sure to get lots of sleep. Manage your stress. Get outside. Check the label. And, of course, the one EVERYONE agrees on – Eat more vegetables…

In the midst of all of that, you’re expected to whip up tasty and nutrient dense meals on a regular basis. Even if you’re someone who loves cooking – that can be a REAL challenge some days!

Enter the JFC Soup Equation!

“Soup puts the heart at ease, calms down the violence of hunger, eliminates the tension of the day, and awakens and refines the appetite.” — Auguste Escoffier

I am excited to be sharing my soup equation with you today. This is my recipe-free formula for making gut healing, nutrient-dense soup with whatever is local and in season.

It’s economical and it’s versatile. And it only takes you about 30-minutes to whip up a batch that will feed you for breakfast, lunch or dinner (or as an afternoon pick me up).

It tastes great and because it’s pureed, kids tend to love it too – a sneaky way to get more veggies in.

I make a batch every week and it changes with the seasons and my imagination. I drink it from a mug on its own or use it as a base for adding even more nutrient dense goodies to my diet (and I share some of these with you in the eBook download, too).

Making a batch (or two!) of my Soup Equation soup is a great habit to get into each week…

This is your free download

…your recipe-free, gut healing solution to getting more seasonal vegetables into your day. My Soup Equation makes the whole process SUPER easy.

And, it’s Autoimmune Protocol-friendly, Paleo, Wahls Protocol and Whole-30 compliant, too.

To download your copy of my JFC Soup Equation delivered to your inbox,
just fill out this form:

I really do make a batch of soup using this formula every week. For me, it’s a great way to ensure I’m getting my veggies in at lunchtime.

Some of my favourite combinations to date:

  • 3 pumpkin and rosemary
  • parsnip and pear
  • spinach and white sweet potato
  • carrot, ginger and orange
  • Jerusalem artichoke with garlic and thyme
  • leek and broccoli
  • butternut squash and apple

I’d love to hear about your experiments with my JFC soup equation. If you’re sharing on social media please tag me or use the #soupequation hashtag. Maybe, we can start a little movement of our own…?

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