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Is it Just Me, or is This Plain Ridiculous…?

(Image source unknown)
(Image source unknown)

Surely the apple is the noblest of fruits. (Henry David Thoreau)

A slight departure from my usual offerings today because I have to reason-check something with you guys. I need to make sure I’m not going off on one of my crazy wee tangents. I want to ensure the world didn’t go completely bonkers while I wasn’t looking.

Here’s the thing. The lovely LM and I were sitting in front of the goggle-box at some stage this past week when I noticed an advertisement for packaged apple slices. Yes – you read that correctly, fresh(ish) apple slices wrapped and sealed in plastic. I thought it was a joke, seriously. I mean, why would anyone want buy packaged apple slices?

But no, upon a little investigation, the folks at Goulburn Valley are indeed producing “the perfect snack of choice in a convenient ready-to-go pack. GOULBURN VALLEY Fresh™ apple slices are the easiest way to get the goodness of fruit with a guaranteed crunch and without all the fuss!”

Goulbourn Valley Fresh  (Image from here)
Goulbourn Valley Fresh
(Image from here)

This is a real product. And, it claims to remove all the fuss from eating an apple. What fuss? Is it just me, or does an apple not already come perfectly packaged in its natural form? I am genuinely nonplussed at this concept.

Goulbourn Valley Fresh(Image from here)
More Goulbourn Valley Fresh
(Image from here)

Here in Australia apples are available all year round. They are one of my go-to fruits – especially when slices are spread with this amazing macadamia butter that I buy at the Farmers Market. But that’s another story. As for preferred variety, it’s a toss-up between Braeburn and Pink Lady for me, but there are so many other options. And, they all come neatly encased as nature intended.

Ok – so, I’m an adult. I will accept that sometimes a fussy child may wish for apple slices for their morning-tea. Well, here’s the solution for how to keep a cut apple fresh in a lunchbox. All you need is an apple and a rubber band…

The Rubber Band Trick!(Image from Pearl Trees)
The Rubber Band Trick!
(Image from Pearl Trees)

Please tell me what you think. Is it just me, or are packaged apple slices just ridiculous?

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Comments (19)

Hi I Totally agree – This is a movement that happened in the UK about 15 years ago where you can by loose grapes in a packet, ready made mash potato and you pay three times the premium…. I could go on a full rant here but will refrain… BTW love the tip for the apple cutting, fantastic. Hope you are enjoying the weekend (albeit very wet!)

Hey BCD – I’m thinking that this may only be totally ridiculous to those of us without young children…?

Oh dear I think you could be right, although my mother was single mother of two with a full time job and she would be turning in her grave right now! I think the only time my apple got chopped up for me was when I lost my two front teeth and it became bit hard to eat…. but hey you certainly got a debate going! ( I had not thought about boys and rubber bands 🙂

pros and cons Syders – people are just too darn busy these days! I would think that the only place I would get these would be at a McDonalds, off their health menu.

Yes they are ridiculous but for time poor working mothers who are looking for healthy options for school recess these are easier to toss into the school lunch box for 3 kids rather than cutting up 3 apples and wrapping in cling wrap or putting into a small container. I don’t work so I am lucky enough to have the time to make my daughters lunches and cut up their fruit, but I can imagine many mothers at my school who would buy these (over some of the fruit rolls sold in the supermarket which are full of sugar).
Yes, what is the world coming to…….we are at the mercy of the food conglomerates and their manufactured food and many of us are too time poor and busy to do anything about this.

It makes me cross, though! There has to be something wrong with the way we live if we are buying packaged sliced apples, surely? How screwy is that?

OK – speaking as a teacher of little boys – playground duty, rubber bands….oh dear. Absolutely hear your concerns but I’d rather an empty packet than a rubber band weapon in the playground! Hope you are well. Not sure if you know the V & A are sending a quilt exhibit to the Queensland Art Gallery – some amazing pieces, I for one will be travelling north in July.

Take LOTS of pics, Miss S. I’d love to see them!

I think it’s spoiling them to cut the apple into pieces in the first place.

A girl after my own heart!

Absolutely agree. I like the rubber band idea. I usually wrap mine in foil.

See – I knew you would have a pragmatic solution to the age old browning-apple problem… 🙂

That is crazy – just another way to get even more money out of us poor consumers. Biting into a crunchy apple is a delicious feeling.

I’m with you, Lady Fi.

PS – does Oscar love apples? Bella does.

I don’t like waste 🙁 but I love LOVE your rubber band tip! I’ve also used a bit of lemon juice to just keep my apple slices fresh? I don’t know if it works, I also use an airtight container, not a big deal.. LOVE PINK LADIES. There’s a ‘champagne fizzle’ one that they’ve nailed it right down to the fizzle, not cheap but so good..!

I am going to keep an eye out for ‘champagne fizzle pink ladies’… Cheers for THAT tip!

Completely takes away the joy of biting into a fresh (and must be crisp) apple, I’m very fussy about my fruit especially apples and don’t like this idea at all.

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