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It’s raining again…


david copperfield

I’m just waiting for people to ask me to make the rain disappear (David Copperfield)

Well David, I’m officially asking…

Otherwise I may be reduced to this:

rain protection

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Comments (6)

Those umbrellas are unreal but at least you would stay dry. 😀
It stopped raining here in Brisbane last night, today we have the sun out, and it’s a beautiful Autumn day, except of course for all the mud.

There are still people flooded in other parts of Queensland, and I know you are getting all that we had up here. The rainy season is just about over, then we should just get the standard Autumn rains, but the flooding will be gone until next year.

It’s crazy here, Mags. The temperatutre has dropped over 10 degrees overnight. Brr!

I feel for you! Look, if anyone can get you out of a bind it’s David..
but either way she’s looking pretty sweet…..and dry 🙂 I hope it gets better soon!!

Cheers Possum! Off to make a hot lemon & honey drink…:-)

okay, that’s hilarious. my thursday morning needed that laugh… 🙂

And today, the sun is shining. Who would have thunk it?

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