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I’ve Fallen in Love With FatBoy

Fatboy Marimekko Beanbag
FatBoy Marimekko Beanbag
Unikko Red
(Image from here)

I’ve got a thing about bean bags.  They’re probably not very cool and they certainly are not the most refined members of the furniture family, but I love them anyway. I love their welcoming informality. I love that they are like gi-normous cushions that forgot to stop growing. Mostly, I love them because they are so bloody comfortable.

Of course, I don’t actually own a bean bag. But all that may soon be about to change because I have discovered FatBoy, a Finnish bean bag brand, which is so cool they even collaborated with Marimekko

Fatboy Marimekko Beanbag
FatBoy Marimekko Beanbag
Unikko Black
(Image from here)

The FatBoy bean bag was designed in Finland by Jukka Setala. This super comfy bean bag comes in more than a dozen different funky colour choices and is great for big and small kids, in the living room or even in the garden. The FatBoy Original bean bag can be positioned in a variety of different ways for maximum comfort when all you want to do is chill!

Filled with spheres that are guaranteed to rebound after use, the Dutch-made FatBoy Original giant bean bag is hard-wearing and wipe clean. All you need to do is give it a good shake after use to restore it to its original shape.

Fatboy Buggle Up Orange Bean Bag
FatBoy Buggle Up Orange Bean Bag
(Image from here)

If Marimekko ain’t your thing but you’d love a bean bag – how about the super sized FatBoy Buggle-Up 6 ft. extra-large number. It’s a giant-sized outdoor bean bag which features water-repellent fabric and unique straps that allow it to “buggle-up” into a supportive chair. Yeah, Baby! Summer’s coming (to the Southern Hemisphere…)

Fatboy bean bags are distributed by HUB Furniture in Australia and Sinot in New Zealand. You can learn more about them on their website here.

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Comments (18)

You know, I really thought that was you in the red one. Cool!

I wish it was me! I’m not nearly as hip ‘n’ groovy!

I CANNOT show this to Dimples!

Dimples is clearly a young woman of style and taste. I’m sure she would love a visit to Sydney…

Not if I tell her about your cockroaches!

I am thinking my dog bed is inadequate now!
And then I am thinking that if Beloved had one of these The Princess and I could sit on top of her more easily.
I like the one with Poppies at the top. They look so comfortable.

Zacster – don’t tell Beloved but there is a dog-bed in that very same fabric…

Oh I love these TSL – so funktional! I’m with you – I’m a fan of the bean bag, but haven’t had one in adulthood. Now might be the time to remedy that! Thanks for sharing – will check out the website now…

I’m stealing that word, Sparks. FUNKtional. Love that!

2BD – there are even Marimekko doggie beds…

Excitement builds…will be checking those out, thanks for the tip 🙂

I LOVE THESE! Always loved beanbags! Not sure about the beach one – stuck sand is so icky, but definitely one for the TV room! I hope you get one Syders!

IF I do, M (BIG if!) – I will take a pic for you. Not sure we have the room in our current place, but you never know…

These are fantastic! Love it xx

TDL – I thought so, too! I just have to find a suitable house to fit one….!

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