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Jac + Jack Make the Capital A of T-shirts


Something a little different today. A wee change in direction. An experiment, if you will…

I’ve always thought of the T-shirt as the Alpha and Omega of the fashion alphabet.
Giorgio Armani

For once, fashion plate that I am (!), I have to agree with the perennially tanned Georgio. I do love a good tee. You can dress it up, you can dress it down. It never goes out of fashion. You can chuck it into the washing machine – none of this fancy schmancy ‘dryclean only’ malarkey for the humble tee. It is an undisputed wardrobe staple.

And now, I’m here to tell you I have found the one. The t-shirt that trumps all other t-shirts (in my opinion, anyway).  After performing a great public service and dedicating myself to the cause of testing many, many t-shirts through the years, I am now ready to announce that the best t-shirt available is Jac + Jack’s Louis Tee. Seriously.

Check it out:

Jac + Jack Louis Tee
(Image sourced from David Jones)

The Jac + Jack Louis Tee has got it all. It’s made out of a lovely light and quality cotton jersey. It has a scoop neck, and flatteringly so – low enough to show some skin, but not so low that the bustier of wearers flashes too much cleavage. It has a relaxed fit and lovely loose slightly-capped sleeves. I reckon’ it is close to perfect and it’s trans-seasonal.

Jac + Jack Louis Tee
(Sadly, this image is not of me, but was sourced from Belinda’s Store)

The Louis Tee retails for about AU$60 and I’m not kidding when I say I’ve had a couple for at least five years.

The Jac + Jack team are Jac Hunt and Lisa ‘Jack’ Dempsey, who launched their label in 2004 with the aim of creating luxurious pieces that would be modern yet timeless. Their pieces are designed to transcend seasons. Have a look at more of their range here. (There’s a range for all you fashion conscious boys, too).

Now, the bad news. Unfortunately, for you Northern Hemisphere readers, Jac + Jack does not yet ship internationally.  Isn’t that a bugger? I reckon’ there’s an opportunity here for us to see if we can change that, but until then, you can contact them direct to see if they’ll do you a special favour by e-mailing to this address:

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Comments (15)

You have got me sold! You should work on commission! The search for the perfect white T is up there with the search for the perfect white shirt! Should be easy but I am still hunting! 🙂

I shall see what I can do about the perfect white shirt, BCD. In the meantime – see how you feel about these Jac + Jack tees. I reckon they’re a winner!

What about Anne Fontaine, she has outlets in Singapore and LA, maybe elsewhere ?

LM – she has outlets all over (including Paris where we happen to be going very soon!) 🙂

Sigh….. I shouldn’t let Beloved read these posts, she does so much buying online. Her beloved thinks she is innocently writing e-mails or blogging and unbeknown to him she is ordering stuff……
I see another parcel on the way soon, she’s off to Jac + Jack!

Zac – it’s totally worth it. These t-shirts are just perfect for wearing to the park…

Thanks for the tip, TSL – as a fellow t-shirt wearer, always happy to hear about things like this! And please don’t be sad that the picture you’ve included isn’t of you – I know you said this post was a slight change of direction, but if you start including pics of yourself modelling outfits with your eyes closed, or staring vacantly into the middle distance, Bold & the Beautiful style, I’m not sure I could cope with that much of a change of direction! 😉

Oh Sparks! Don’t ever change.

It was more that the model is blonder, younger, and slimmer than me… I’m not really a Bold & the Beautiful kinda’ girl (but I suspect you already know that!). In fact, I’d quite like Janeane Garofalo to play me in the imaginary movie of my life… 🙂

While I am in the commeting mode, I need to say that TSL fills out the t-shirt better than that model who looks more like a walking hat rack in that t shirt.

Arggh! You totally teased me, and then had to spring the shipping problem! I will be e-mailing them to beg for a change in policy!

If you really want one, SSFAM (Squat Sister From Another Mother! – I’m still working on that nick-name), let me know and we can work something out. You could get it sent to my address and then I could send it to you…

This is without a doubt as close as you could get to a perfect tee – and I want one now! Finding the perfect tee is not as easy as you would think 😉 I have tonns of white tanks – Monki all the way – but still I haven’t found that perfect tee! I read a piece about Jac + Jack ages ago – and I have this mixed feeling of anger and sadness about the fact that they do not ship to Norway.


We should work on that, DT. Unacceptable, I reckon!

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