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Jac+Jack STILL Make the Best Tees…

Jac+Jack(Image from here)
(Image from here)

Back in July last year, I wrote a wee post about the Jac+Jack ‘Louis’ Tee (you can refresh your memory here). I still reckon they make the best t-shirts around.

What’s even better is their Oxford Street store has opened (actually, a month ago now. I never claimed to be a fashionista!) and it’s a super fine place to visit if you are after a beautifully crafted, clean piece in cotton or cashmere…

Jac+Jack 126 Oxford Street, Sydney (Image from here)
126 Oxford Street, Sydney
(Image from here)

LM and I happened past the store the other day while walking the pooch. I just had to take the opportunity to pick up a couple of fresh white tees. There are even a couple of ‘husband chairs’ and best of all, the pooch was welcomed with open arms. Gotta’ love a dog friendly clothing store!

Jac+Jack 'Mitch' Tee I thought I'd branch out! (Image from here)
Jac+Jack ‘Mitch’ Tee
I thought I’d branch out from the ‘Louis’!
(Image from here)

What just takes the cake for this Kiwi girl, is that the model for the brand’s most recent men’s campaign is none other than our Tim Finn (of Split Enz fame for those of you not in the know… Perhaps I am showing my age?)

It’s a non-stop invention, this game of life, and as soon as you think you’ve got it, you lose it. (Tim Finn)

Tim Finn for Jac+Jack(Image from here)
Tim Finn for Jac+Jack
(Image from here)

Now that’s an inspired bit of marketing, I reckon…

According to their website, Jac+Jack are still working on shipping internationally. Do go and have a squizz at their ever-growing range, though. You can get to it here.

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Comments (8)

Got to love anything endorsed by my favourite band- although I only remember th as crowded house! 🙂

BCD – went to see Neil Finn and Paul Kelly on Monday night. It was just fab (and the average age of the audience made me feel young!)

Tim Finn is still a very handsome man …..mmmmmm

Yep – he’s a looker, C! 🙂

Sigh. It’s so unfair when you post about these wonderful items that don’t ship to the USA 😉

For special people, I would be prepared to ship….

Hmm. That’s a very tempting offer! Assuming I’m included in that category 🙂

Well, duh! Of course I meant you!

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