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Jamin Puech of Paris – Not Just Any Old Handbag

My Jamin Puech Bag
My Jamin Puech Bag
(Image by TSL)

A woman’s mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag; even when you get to the bottom of it, there is ALWAYS something at the bottom to surprise you! (Billy Connelly)

I suspect one advantage of being married to Pamela Stephenson is that you learn never to take women for granted!

I was never a prolific purchaser of handbags kind of girl when I was younger. I was more of the ‘why would I need more than one?’ school. This may have had something to do with the fact that I tend to carry a fair amount of ‘stuff’ in my handbag, so transferring everything just to colour co-ordinate seemed like too big a chore.

My prerequisites for the appropriate bag-du-jour were not too complicated – a quality, mid-sized, black number that was capable of being carried over the shoulder AND one that zipped up (to stop any potential wandering fingers) and preferably had rivets on the bottom so that the leather wouldn’t scratch when the bag was on the ground.

This rule stood me in fairly good stead through my teens, twenties and well into my thirties. Somehow, I have now come unstuck. I say this, because I have this week started a serious wardrobe clean out*. I have discovered more handbags than I realised I had. There are two reasons for this.

Reason number 1 – LM. He is responsible for the purchase of three handbags (including the quirky purple Jamin Puech number pictured above)

Reason number 2 – the older I get, the more I like to wear colour. My plain-Jane black number is fine for everyday, but sometimes a girl just needs to inject some colour into her outfit.

Which brings me to Jamin Puech, another label I plan on checking out when I am in Paris. In a market that is becoming more and more uniform, personalised creativity and quality have allowed the duo at Jamin Puech to build up a strong reputation for designing unique handbags.

I like the brand’s quirky style – Whilst retaining its own identity, the trademark Jamin Puech relies constantly on new inspirations to create surprises. Evening and day hand bags exist in hundreds of shapes and forms: purses, pouches, reticules, shopping bags, clutch bags, bags or satchels. They are made of traditional materials as well as of modern ones and mix raffia, wood, wool, horn, plastic, with simple cottons or precious silk or special leathers.

Here are a few of the ones I particularly like – and I do realise the first one is black BUT check out the texture!:

Rosalinda Bag by Jamin Puech
Rosalinda Bag by Jamin Puech
Cow leather tote made of flower shape hemstitched patches, sewn together. A big zipped-up cotton pocket is sewn in the bag as a compartment.
Five metallic protection studs on the bottom.
Closure : Metallic zip-up.
Interior : Raw leather. A zipped-up flat pocket in cotton printed lining.
Delivered with a fabric pouch in printed cotton.
(Image from Jamin Puech)
Felix iPad Wallet by Jamin Puech
Felix iPad Wallet by Jamin Puech
iPad cover case in nubuck leather, with patchwork of four different colors.
Closure: a metallic tuck closure.
Delivered with a fabric pouch in printed cotton.
(Image from Jamin Puech)
Bella Done Bag by Jamin Puech
Bella Done Bag by Jamin Puech
little messenger bag, in cow leather with contrasted colored selvedges. A large flap closed with a wood button like an apple with 2 leaves.
Handle: to be worn like a hobo or on the shoulder; cotton handle: 29 cm. (adjustable)
Interior: One small zipped pocket inside on the back
Delivered with a fabric pouch in printed cotton.
(Image from Jamin Puech)
Caroube Bag by Jamin Puech
Caroube Bag by Jamin Puech
Little evening bag in openwork cotton with embroidered flowers and various sizes beads all over the bag. Its base is in plain leather.
Closure : Metallic clasp with decorative pearls.
Handles : To be worn on the shoulder. Thin leather plaited handle: 49 cm.
Interior : Cotton printed lining. Cotton lace piping around the metallic closure.
Delivered with a fabric pouch in printed cotton.
(Image from Jamin Puech)

Now, I do have to add a small disclaimer. Not ALL the Jamin Puech bags are for me – after all, I’m just a conservative Kiwi girl from the bottom of the world and some of their bags can get pretty avant-garde BUT I just love my purple number with its pink & orange detachable pom-pom, and I am confident there will be plenty of choice for me when I visit the store in Paris!

If you would like to check out the Jamin Puech site to find out where your closest store is, or perhaps buy from their on-line shop, you can access it here.

In Sydney, Jamin Puech is stocked by Belinda at 29 William Street, Paddington.

* because I am putting off the under-bed clean out

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Comments (14)

Loving the rosalinda, although the preppy style of the Bella Done bag has also got me won over! Which one are you going to get to add to your collection?

BCD – sacrilege! I can’t make a decision before I get there… What if there is (gasp!) new stock?!?!

It’s quite gorgie’, isn’t it?

These look fabulous, but would probably never stand up to the abuse I would give them, unfortunately.

Nonsense! They are hardier than they look!

I love that you’re shopping before arriving to Paris! I agree – colour is necessary when you (my) outfit is black dominant! Have fun choosing 🙂 (PS I think you should pay the Hermes store a visit!)

Hermes is dangerous, M. Very, very dangerous. My very favourite scarf is a hot pink and orange Hermes number… Let’s hope the Aussie dollar stays strong!

I was going to mention Hermes scarves! The bags – yes, dangerous. But, potential! I want photos!!

All are lovely…but I especially like the iPad purse…

Me too, B. I think it would make a lovely addition to my teeny, tiny insignificant (in the grand scheme of things) wardrobe…

I’m a bit of a bag lady myself, TSL – love these! Will be tough to choose in Paris…though if there’s not enough room in your suitcase, guess you could always duck into Belinda on your return! 🙂

Somehow, spending insane amounts of money is easier to justify when in a foreign country… I find I can always justify it (to myself) by blaming the exchange rate!

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