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Kate Walsh Celebrates Real Food

Kate Walsh (aka McDreamy's ex)
Kate Walsh (aka McDreamy’s ex)
(Image from here)

No, no, no! Not THAT Kate Walsh.

THIS Kate Walsh…

Kate Walsh of Real Food Projects
Kate Walsh of Real Food Projects
(Image from here)

As usual, I’m a little late to the party. I’ve only just discovered Kate Walsh and her seriously fab’ Real Food Projects here in Sydney, after reading about her in a recent Good Food article online.

People will travel anywhere for good food – it’s crazy. (Rene Redzepi)

I do agree with Rene*, people will travel for good food (especially when it is coupled with great service). But, there is definitely a growing movement of foodie types who seek a more ethical, natural and sustainable way of eating. A way of understanding what they eat, and where it originated. A big step away from overly-processed and genetically modified food and towards a more natural relationship with food. A bit like our grandmothers, or even their grandmothers used to have. It is possible that I am one of these people…!

Kate Walsh worked with global not-for-profit organisation Slow Food in the United States and consulted with the progressive Food Democracy Now group, before deciding she wanted to fill a gap in the Sydney market. And so, Real Food Projects was born. Lucky for us!

According to the Real Food Projects website, “Real Food Projects connects people to the story behind their food. We are a community of friends, chefs, growers, foragers, butchers, eaters and farmers. We throw great parties, hold cooking classes, do private catering and create the occasional pop-up shop in celebration of local, seasonal and ethical food. Our first ambitious project, co-founded with Matt Brannagan, was a lightening-fast, two-week pop-up Christmas shop in Darlinghurst, Sydney in 2012. Following this success, we opened another pop-up shop this time in Newtown, a cooking class series and an informal supper club over March 2013.”

Real Food Projects - Cooking School
Real Food Projects – Cooking School
(Image from here)

I may have slept through the first two Real Food Project pop-up shops, but there’s no way I’m missing their current project – another pop-up, but this time a cooking school in the first three weeks of July.

If you are keen to learn how to make butter, pastry, pickle or jam, even butcher a whole lamb, why not let the artisans of Sydney show you how.

Capturing Cultures with Holly Davis
Capturing Cultures with Holly Davis
(Image from here)

I’m going to be ‘Capturing Cultures’ with Holly Davis, learning the art of fermenting my own vegetables at home. But, if sauerkraut and kimchi ain’t your bag, how about making ‘Beef Jerky’ with Griffin Jerky or ‘Home-made Ricotta’ with Kristen Allen (resident cheese-maker and pickler at Cornersmith).

Places at the Real Food Projects classes are going fast (some have sold out already), so if you’re interested, I suggest you sign up sooner rather than later. Classes start from $55 a session and will be held at the 107 Projects store at 107 Redfern Street, Redfern and West Juliett café in Enmore.

*although, I haven’t been quite lucky enough to travel as far Noma for a meal…

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Comments (10)

Do you think they will offer any pop-ups where you can just watch other people make the food and then eat it? That’s the kind of thing that’s more my speed…

I meant that the audience gets to eat the food, not watch the food-makers eat their own food. That’s boring.

In all seriousness, SSFAM, some of the classes are just for watching (followed by eating). Perfect for non-cooks! And, I have a spare room….

Sounds fab! I had not heard of her either so thanks got sharing TSL

I reckon it looks fab, BCD!

Looks great. One of the best mini-cooking classes I ever took was on a farm in England with the same idea – lots of local food focus. Although it was a little strange to eat the chickens while their siblings tried to wander in the kitchen from outdoors 🙂

I quite like the idea of ensuring we know the origins of our food (despite totally agreeing with you that it would be a teeny bit spooky eating Chicken-licken while her cousins were clucking outside!)

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