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Kristi Malakoff, I salute you…


I have just discovered Kristi Malakoff, the hugely talented and multi-faceted visual artist who hails from Canada. Her portfolio of work is amazingly diverse and includes paper cutting, sculptures, flower installations, (postage) stamp pieces and money pieces…  Yes, that reads money, as in currency.

She gets around, too. Studying or working in Germany, England and Iceland. Most recently Malakoff has been in Moscow, where she participated in a 2-month residency at Proekt Fabrika.

Her work is intricate, beautiful and quirky. Here are some images of her wonderful money pieces:

Image of Kristi Malakoff Polyhedra Series 'Honeysuckle'
Polyhedra Series - 'Honeysuckle' (2008)
8 bills of foreign currency (Cambodia, China, Costa Rica,
Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Russia, Brazil, Peru)
Image of Kristi Malakoff Polyhedra Series 'Iraqi Bloom'
Polyhedra Series - 'Iraqi Bloom' (2008)
3 Iraqi dinar bills
Image of Kristi Malakoff's Polyhedra Series Dodecahedron
Polyhedra Series - 'Dodecahedron' (2008)
3 bills of foreign currency (Peru, Argentina, Cambodia)
Image of Kristi Malakoff Polyhedra Series Desert Cactus
Polyhedra Series - 'Desert Cactus' (2008)
8 bills of foreign currency (Cambodia, China, Afghanistan,
Yugoslavia, Bolivia, Iraq, Paraguay, Russia)
Image of Kriti Malakoff Polyhedra Series Snappy
Polyhedra Series - 'Snappy' (2008)
3 bills of foreign currency (Zambia, Brazil, Peru)

If you have some time, go and check out her website (here) which has a far more comprehensive image gallery of her work.  It is amazing.  Truly.

(All images sourced from here)

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Comments (20)

Every day that I blog I become more amazed at the number of incredibly talented, creative and clever people there are out there. Kind of humbling!

Beautiful and so detailed! I wonder if the artist realises that in most countries it is against the law to deface, mutilate, join together, cut, etc currency to make it unusable as currency…. Perhaps that is why she travels a lot……still beautiful though…..

They are beautiful, aren’t they? So intricate. Imagine the time they took… 🙂

I am always amazed at paper art, the amount of delicate work that is involved, I especially like the flower in this set, very nice. 🙂

I agree, Mags. The detail in paper art is incredible. Glad you like the flower 🙂

Absolutely awesome! Such creativity she has!

Hey Angela – Cool, huh? 🙂

I salute her, too! Her work is just incredible, talented (and truly patient) artists like this just blow my mind, really!!
PS – Just finished up the first round of trifle…the family is in heaven! Cheers to Sunday here and Monday morning to you! 🙂 Got a special post for you in roughly 12 hours!

AND she’s Canadian, Shira. Great things come out of Canada! I’m not telling LM about the trifle – will just create an expectation! Looking forward to the special post… Woohoo!

Yes, us Canadian girls hey? A crazy bunch I think! I hope I don’t disappoint….just working on it now! 🙂 The trifle was *kind of* easy peasy…well maybe not but worth it!! They are sooo happy!

I spent 5 months in Lake Louise half a life-time ago. The crazy Canadians were fab’ (and I reckon’ quite similar to Kiwis!)

Am sure you won’t disappoint. Honest. 🙂

These are amazing!! So beautiful x

So happy you like them! You always have such beautiful wee gems at Just A Little Joy 🙂

So pretty! Could be an expensive art though, lol – good thing she’s using foreign currency with a weak exchange rate! Love it!

Brilliant, huh? You could always consider it a kind of enforced saving… Something to have in great times of need?!?! (or, perhaps not!)

so beautiful!! wow, imagine the patience and effort and care that goes into each one. thanks for the inspiration!

Hi Lillie – thanks for popping in. She must be VERY patient, I agree. Glad you’re inspired!

Desert Cactus is my favourite, such beauty and attention to details 🙂

Hey ho GIAFF – thanks for stopping by. She’s a most talented woman, that’s for sure. 🙂

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