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Laura Straßer is a Rare Breed of Ceramic Artist

(Image sourced from here)

I am loving the work of ILMGOLD product designer, Laura Straßer. Her latest range of quirky ‘Rare Species’ bowls feature the most gorgeous and whimsical animal creations…

(Image sourced from here)
(Image sourced from here)
(Image sourced from here)
(Image sourced from here)

And, if the quirky wee bowls weren’t enough to set your heart aflutter, you can also get matching lids-come-sideplates in the same delicate-yet-dishwasher-safe porcelain…

Ilmgold Rare Species 'Artichedgehog' with 'No Sharing' lid
(Image sourced from here)

Laura Straßer features in the fabulous Olivier Dupon book, ‘The New Artisans‘ (page 134, if you’re wondering).

Born in Frankfurt am Main, and now based in Weimar, she studied at the Pratt Institute in New York where she became hooked on porcelain design.

She has a beautiful philosophy in that she “hopes to create items for porcelain lovers that offer the possibility of offering  associating (hi)stories with them and letting them become favourite items able to be kept for a lifetime.” I reckon’ she has achieved this with her ‘Rare Species’ range. They are heirloom pieces, to me. What do you think?

Ilmgold ships internationally. Although their website is in German, for all of us anglophiles, there is a lovely link to an english order form here.

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I have been meaning to by that book for a while! They are great… I especially love the artichoke hedgehog. Fab.

IT’s a lovely book – I often go back to it.

I think that you should open a virtual shop that sells all of your wonderful finds in one place…these are awesome! Love the artchihedgehog…………….and that croissant….

Hi S – waiting for flight to NZ. I love technology! Aren’t these wee creations wonderful? Hope your week has been a goody.

They are gorgeous, always looking for ceramic artists.

Excellent, Kirsty. Happy to introduce you to a new ceramic artist! 🙂

Adorable! have a safe flight 🙂

Back home in NZ, M. It’s nice to be here. And, the pinot noir is pretty fine 🙂

Oh yes, these are very nice, and I love the idea of the lid as well. 🙂

Me too, Mags. Happy to see you back in action. Welcome back 🙂

Great post – the zebear is my favourite! 🙂

Cool, huh? Glad you like ’em, Sparks. A woman of discerning taste, you!

Hard to imagine how you find this stuff.

I’m a wee ferret, J! 🙂

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