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Learning to Calm the Fajizzle Down in These Challenging Times

Learning to Calm the Fajizzle Down
The live call may have taken place but it’s not too late to catch the replay.

Pretty sure you’re very aware that we are living in exceptionally stressful times. Sadly, it’s universal. And, I’m also confident that you already know how managing your stress is a key factor in looking after your health.  This stress stuff simply isn’t good for you.

The thing is – KNOWING IS NOT DOING (<– and that’s a small but important distinction)

Just because you know that chronic stress doesn’t serve you doesn’t mean you’re actually doing anything about it… that’s especially the case in these challenging times we are facing.

I want to ask you to really focus on mitigating your stress levels, especially during this global health crisis. Because it is important for your health, mentally and physically.

Did you know that:

  • Women are more likely than men to report having a great deal of stress (8, 9 or even 10 on a 10-point scale!) And that’s before you factor in the impact COVID-19 is having on you. How do you like them apples?
  • A heightened stress response may well be making you more vulnerable to illness? Of course, that’s not limited the coronavirus, but it can be a contributor. I hope that’s a little tid-bit that makes you sit up and take notice.
Learning to Calm the Fajizzle Down
One of my all-time favourite quotes
That stress-LEVEL waterline CAN feel like its rising higher every day. Even more so when you’re being strong for your nearest and dearest. Are you ABOUT ready to capsize?

When you watch a duck swimming on the water, it appears to do so with grace and ease. There is a smooth, seemingly effortless progression as it paddles. It glides. Yet, underneath the surface the duck’s legs are moving frantically to propel it forward.

Stress is like this. Even if you look like you have your shizzle together, often the reality is your mind is going non-stop. Especially at times like we currently face. Your thoughts are all over the place, and you are often imagining some version of a bad outcome. If you have young kids or ageing parents, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

We are living in unprecedented times.

If stress is that duck on the water, consider your degree of stress as a combination of both how fast you are paddling and your capacity to paddle…

Given the increased stressors of this global situation, an over-developed fight-or-flight response is well and truly the norm.

Your fight-or-flight response is SIMPLY another term for an acute stress response.

This is a physiological and psychological reaction that occurs when you are scared. Like right now. Importantly, that can be either mentally scared or physically scared.

What is a girl to do?

One thing you can do is stay connected. Just because you are physically isolating doesn’t mean you have no options. Why not come and join me in a call to talk about how to navigate this stress ‘stuff’ in these challenging times? I’d love to see you.

Save the date!

I’m holding a FREE Live call to chat about this idea of learning to calm the fajizzle down and you’re invited:

  • 6pm (CENTRAL) Wednesday, 8th April
  • 9am (AEDT) Thursday, 9th April

Places for live viewers are limited so be sure to sign up now to reserve your seat!

Missed the live call? I’ll send a replay out to all those who can’t attend on the day. You will need to register to receive the replay.

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