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Lily and Lionel and This Sydney Life?

'Paris by Night' scarf by Lily and Lionel
‘Paris by Night’ cityscape scarf by Lily and Lionel
Shira – this one is for you!
(Image © Lily and Lionel)

The very lovely and energetic Shira is a blogging buddy of mine over at In Pursuit of More. I’ve never met Shira. She lives in Vancouver, I live in Sydney. Shira has just cleaned out her wardrobe. Good for her. I mean that. I always have the best of intentions when it comes to purging my closet/pantry/drawers (or whatever else requires a clean out), but then I get side-tracked. Mainly because I would rather do almost anything than that. Even iron.

Anyhoo, the lovely Shira and I have a mutual passion for scarves. (I feel I should mention here that Shira did not purge herself of any of her scarves – so, it seems she’s not that virtuous!) We got into a short discussion about this yesterday and I thought it was time for another post about my scarf du jour

Let me introduce you to the wonderful, covetable* scarves of Lily and Lionel.

I just can’t decide whether I prefer the ‘Cityscape’ range…

'New York Cityscape' scarf by Lily and Lionel

'New York Cityscape' scarf by Lily and Lionel
‘New York Cityscape’ scarf by Lily and Lionel
(Image © Lily and Lionel)

'City of London' by Lily and Lionel

'City of London'  cityscape scarf by Lily and Lionel
‘City of London’ cityscape scarf by Lily and Lionel
(Image © Lily and Lionel)

Or, the slightly quirkier, more British, ‘Beside the Seaside’ range…

'Gift Shop' scarf by Lily and Lionel

'Gift Shop' scarf by Lily and Lionel
‘Gift Shop’ scarf by Lily and Lionel
(Image © Lily and Lionel)

'Eastbourne Beach- scarf by Lily and Lionel

'Eastbourne Beach- scarf by Lily and Lionel
‘Eastbourne Beach’ scarf by Lily and Lionel
(Image © Lily and Lionel)

'Beach Huts' scarf by Lily and Lionel

'Beach Huts' scarf by Lily and Lionel
‘Beach Huts’ scarf by Lily and Lionel
(Image © Lily and Lionel)

All the scarves shown are 50% cotton, 50% bamboo and 90 x 200cm.

The fabulous accessories boutique Lily and Lionel was founded by London College of Fashion graduate Alice Stone. According to her bio, “an on-going family heritage within the textile industry, combined with her love of fashion, has allowed Alice to create a gorgeous selection of scarves and leather accessories.” Alice’s grandparents – the original Lily and Lionel, established the family roots within fashion during their early years. Lily was a dressmaker who had a strong talent for design, creating and making all of her own clothes, whilst Lionel supplied apparel to some of London’s most glamorous boutiques and stores.

Oh, a couple of questions… Do you have a favourite? And, are there enough fellow scarf lovers out there for a regular fortnightly or monthly scarf-centric post?

Lily and Lionel sell online through here and at one of my favourite stores ever, Liberty in London.

*I think I’m leaning towards ‘New York Cityscape’. Are you reading, LM?

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Comments (22)

Oh Syd! I love these scarves. Being a stereotypical artist I’m a bit of a scarfaholic but just love these! Just can’t attend an opening without one. I’m afraid it’s a “tie” between New York and London for me. Cheers

Oh, that makes me happy. So glad you like them. I, too am a scarfaholic. Maybe we should start a society…? 🙂

Very nice, TSL – I’m not a scarfaholic, but I do like the New York cityscape (although, in fairness, you could put photos of New York on a hessian bag or a shoelace and I would probably like it). And there’s something about that gift shop scarf that I like – not sure whether it’s the colours or the familiarity of those seaside shops…And in answer to your other question – even as a non-scarf-lover, I’d support a regular TSL scarf post. It’s your blog, TSL – go crazy with the scarves, I say! 🙂

Oh Sparks (of the fabulous Sydney blogging sisterhood of 3). Bless your cotton socks. I can always count on you. 🙂

Gorgeous scarves, I love them and now that the weather is certainly getting colder, they would be idea. 🙂

Happy you enjoyed them, Mags. Cheers 🙂

Love the Paris by Night Syders. Great colours!

Lovely, aren’t they, Marina? The next best thing to being there… 🙂

Oh my gosh! This lovely and virtuous blogger bud is adoring your amazing taste! This is art and fashion at its best. I’m not a graphics on wearables person but I am loving how they look wrapped up..!
My fave I think is London but the Eastern beach scene is pretty great too. Of course the Eiffel Tower though is on the mind…
Great post J!

LM’s favourite was the Eastbourne Beach scene. Happy you liked ’em, Shira. You were the inspiration after all! Now I just need to get Lily and Lionel working on a wee Vancouver number for you!

Still in Ottawa? 🙂

Love the beach huts, am in London now so may have to take a trip to libertys! ( hense why am a little slow responding!)

Oooh – so jealous, BCD! Yes – please go to Liberty and let me live vicariously… Have a wonderful time. 🙂

PS – can’t believe you’re online!

I may be MIA for a couple of weeks, 🙂

Sparks and I will hold the fort in your absence. Have an OARsome time!!!

This is brilliant! Really nice images and really nice tied up…

Hey LXAX – glad you liked ’em 🙂

I love scarves, but I can’t wear them. They always look idiotic on me. However, I think these are remarkable. My 2 faves are the New York one and the gift shop one. I’m a city girl who loves the beach!

I bet they do not look idiotic on you, you nutter! It is funny how one either a scarf person, or not. There’s not much middle ground (unless one is rugged up against the weather!), is there?

These are wonderful. As an old fashioned kind of girl I might have to go for the beach huts but the cities are beautiful too. Thanks for sharing more loveliness.

Hi Jo – Have you come down from all that Jubilee partying, yet? In Oz, we celebrate the Queens Birthday next Monday AND we didn’t get an extra day off!

I like all the scarves. Happy you enjoyed them, too 🙂

Wow… They are gorgeous…

I thought so, too, Barbara. And so happy and accessible.

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