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Why I Love AIP Reset

Love AIP Reset
Every AIP Reset, I pick an image that resonates for me. This is the one for September 2020!
September marks the 5-year anniversary of AIP Reset, the 30-day online program I created for (re)finding your AIP groove.

In honour of this milestone, today I’m sharing just why I continue to love AIP Reset. Because along with facilitating AIP Reset, I do an AIP Reset at the same time. I set my goals and focus on my personal health caper priorities just like all the other Resetters. And I have no plans to stop. Because this health caper doesn’t stop.

Because ultimately, AIP Reset is all about the power of community and connection.
The Back Story

I started my Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) caper properly way back in early 2014. I’d been dabbling on the edges for a while through the latter half of 2013 while I worked on ridding myself of a particularly resistant Blastocystis hominis parasite infection.

In August 2016, I announced in my newsletter that an AIP Reset was on the cards. At the time, I recognised a need to recalibrate my diet and lifestyle habits and take things back to AIP 101.

Even though I was well and truly past my initial elimination phase by this stage, a few things had slipped for me in my personal health caper. Life had got in the way and I had taken my eye off the ball…

Despite being a pretty seasoned AIPer (and aIP Mentor and coach, to boot!), I had lost my AIP groove.

It happens to the best of us.

And then, a wonderful thing happened. Some of my lovely subscribers wrote back to me saying that they’d like to join me in my proposed 30-day AIP Reset.

So, on a whim – I mentioned my intention to reset my AIP efforts on social media. More expressions of interest came…

I created the very Facebook group for AIP Resetters.

AIP Reset was born in September 2016. 127 people took part in the inaugural program.

Even though I was feeling my way back then, the response from those first AIP Reset participants made me realise the power of connection. When a bunch of experienced AIPers (let’s face it, almost exclusively women) get together with a shared goal of focusing on making healthy diet and lifestyle changes – well, let’s just say the results speak for themselves.

Love AIP Reset

From the very start, my intention has been to create an encouraging, private and inclusive space for resetters to set goals, personalise their own individual versions of AIP in a way that helps them to introduce diet and lifestyle choices that serve them and – most importantly – are sustainable.

Since that first program, I’ve facilitated AIP Reset 15 times.

The upcoming September program, the final one for 2020, will be the 4-year anniversary AIP Reset.

30 days of participants recalibrating their AIP efforts back to a baseline. 30 days of connecting and sharing and celebrating and supporting. 30 days of new and ongoing friendships with AIPers from around the globe.

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Click on the pink button & join the In-Betweener crew today!
Click on the pink button & join the In-Betweener crew today!
why do I CONTINUE TO love AIP Reset?
I love AIP Reset for the people

I’ve been pretty well immersed in the wider autoimmune community for well over 5 years, now. After over 20 years of living with an undiagnosed, isolating and painful chronic disease, discovering what a wonderfully inclusive bunch of people made up the AIP world was a revelation; and no more so than the members of AIP Reset. I know it sounds clichéd to say there are no strangers in this 30-day program – but, it’s true. Friendships are born very quickly. There is a generosity of spirit that has a way of making people feel immediately welcome. These are people who know what it’s like to suffer from chronic and invisible afflictions.

Since it’s inception, the AIP Reset alumni group continues to grow with a collection of fabulous individuals who share a desire to chip away at the diet and lifestyle recommendations found in the Autoimmune Protocol.  Many of past resetters return to focus on different areas of their protocol.

I love AIP Reset for the reinforcement of AIP principles
Love AIP Reset

Let’s face it, there are LOTS of resources for those starting out on the Autoimmune Protocol. But for those who’ve been doing this a while? – not so much.

AIP Reset is for those who already know the basics; those who want to personalise their AIP experience.

AIP Reset provides a forum to make more intentional choices; choices that serve us. This is achieved by breaking the protocol down into more manageable bite-sized pieces. Over the course of the 30-days, we address different aspects of the protocol with daily pinned posts and videos that allow us to really focus on specific topics.

I love AIP Reset for the variety

Each AIP Reset is different.

Of course, each program is made up of different people – some new and some return resetters – but, each participant has unique needs at any given time. This means that the program evolves in a way that serves the group. Sometimes we spend more time on the dietary aspects of AIP. Other times it is sleep or stress management that may receive more attention.

The design of the program is such that it allows me to personalise it to meet the needs of the participants. I never know quite how that is going to develop…

I love AIP Reset for the accountability

Some things don’t change from program to program. Some things are integral to the intention of creating positive and incremental choices I mentioned above.

  • We always set goals at the beginning of our 30-days; goals that are specific to the individual.
  • We always spend some time on the importance of tracking your progress. Your food and mood journal is one of the most important tools in your AIP arsenal.

And, regardless of whether or not I am undertaking my own reset, I set my own goals, too. This goal-setting process helps to keep me honest – especially when it comes to my personalised AIP rituals like my morning ritual, daily oil pulling, focusing on nutrient density, and fermenting my vegetables


We are part of a global community. It’s part of what makes it special.

We have resetters from all around the world. The United States and Canada, of course. Australia, New Zealand and the U.K., too. But let’s not forget Spain and Sweden, Germany and Bulgaria and Belgium and Switzerland.

It’s always fun to see where Resetters are based. For me, the multi-cultural dynamic of the program is the perfect living example of how the human experience is made stronger through connection. Together, we support and learn and encourage and empathise and share with each other.

It is a privilege to be part of such an amazing bunch of #bloodyfabulous women. I never take that for granted.

If you’d like to be part of this amazing bunch OF WOMEN and:
  • learn ways to add more sustainable nutrient-dense habits to your health caper
  • find out how to successfully personalise the AIP to fit your lifestyle
  • meet fellow AIPers like you who are in a similar place
  • join a wonderfully empathetic group with similar goals
I invite you to join us for the final AIP Reset for 2020. I’d love to see you.

Just click on the button to register:

Love AIP Reset
Love AIP Reset

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