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Lucy Gauntlett’s ‘Sweet As’ Mixed Media Art

Lucy Gauntlett Mixed Media
‘Sweet As’ by Lucy Gauntlett
(Image from here)

New Zealand is not a small country but a large village.(Peter Jackson)

In New Zealand, the ownership or use of a bach (or, ‘crib’ if you hail from the South Island) is almost part of our cultural heritage. And, for the initiated, a bach is an unassuming, sometimes even rustic, holiday home.  

My parents have a bach about an hour’s drive north of Auckland. And, when I say ‘bach’, I mean a modest-yet-lovely wee house nestled into the bush.

The last time I visited, my Dad was talking ‘bach refurbishment’ with me. He wants to spruce the place up a bit, without spending too much money.

So, I’ve had bach refurbishment on my mind… And, I quite like the ‘Kiwiana nostalgia’ feel that Lucy Gauntlett’s work evokes in me.

New Zealand based professional photographer & graphic artist, Lucy Gauntlett specialises in creative New Zealand limited edition landscape photography, large-scale panoramic landscape photographs and prints of local New Zealand scenery. While these range from rugged West Coast beaches to edgy graffiti ridden streetscapes, my favourites are from her hand painted fruit and vegetable signs that she photographed and layered.

Perhaps I’m just feeling sentimental, but I think some of these pieces might be quite nice at the bach…

Lucy Gauntlett Mixed Media Photograph
“Market Kitchen I’ by Lucy Gauntlett
Available in sepia, black and inverse
(Image from here)
Lucy Gauntlett Mixed Media Photograph
‘Market Kitchen II’ by Lucy Gauntlett
Available in sepia, black and inverse
(Image from here)
'Sign of the Times' by Lucy Gauntlett
‘Sign of the Times’ by Lucy Gauntlett
(Image from here)

Or, for something with less Kiwiana but even more of a retro feel, this kitchen aid poster could be just the thing for the kitchen…

Lucy Gauntlett Mixed Media Photograph
‘Kitchen Aid’ by Lucy Gauntlett
(Image from here)

For a more complete look at Lucy Gauntlett’s work, check out her website here, or visit Clever Bastards – they have a great range.

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Comments (24)

I think that they would look gorgeous in the Bach. You have to stick to kiwiana though! Although I love the kitchen aid one!

I agree – Kiwiana all the way, BCD. There’s something about living in a different country that makes me more susceptible to schmaltz from home…

I know – although I am forbidden from buying a union jack cushion for the home!! – I think it is a bitter sporting thing!

awww – not even one union jack…?

Looking interesting

Not a resounding endorsement, then!

Like the colour ways but cant see where the village signs would go

Think of them as inspiration…

Thinking ……..

I think Kiwiana is the only way to go,I love the sign of the times. By the way I think you should also let your worldwide followers know that bach is pronounced “batch” and not like the composer.

Love it! That ‘Sweet As’ is the winner for me – the fruit and veg pictures are great. And I like to think back to a time when blueberries cost $3.00 (and NZD at that!) – hope your Dad picks some or all of these for the bach! 🙂

‘Sweet as’ is my favourite, too.

Welcome home, Sparks! Hope you are settling back in ok after you MASSIVE trek…

I just LOVE these! Thanks for sharing. I have a HUGE chalkboard near my kitchen and now I have some great ideas having to do with colored chalk….

Excellent! That’s made my day! Sometimes I really love blog-world 🙂

Having spent a few summers (many, many years ago) visiting my family’s bach up north I can easily picture all this Kiwiana making it look fun and interesting and so much nicer than the typical beach themed art we see everywhere on the gold coast.

Thanks, 2BD. Now I just need to convince my Dad…

Wonderful- thanks for the introduction to Lucy Gauntlett. We’ll look for more of her work when we go back for the annual family visit (where we always have an eye out for our dream bach)!

– I like to look for my dream bach when I head home, too. The location changes every year!

Love these. I’d particularly like that Kitchenaid poster. I have an old Sunbeam Mixmaster about the same vintage. It makes me smile and think of making cookies with my Mom whenever I see it – as does the photo above….

J – I’m sure they ship… Maybe you should pop it on your Christmas wish list?

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