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Lyndie Dourthe Creates Voodoo Magic…


By her own admission, Lyndie Dourthe’s Parisian workshop is a tiny curio cabinet of a little botany, a little voodoo, a little anatomy and a touch of superstition.

She combines paper and fabric to form exquisite and mysterious naturalistic wonders…

Image of Lyndie Dourthe's butterflies under a domeImage Lyndie Dourthe's Butterly BroochesImage of Lyndie Dourthe's Skeleton Image of Lyndie Dourthe Heart under glass

I think her work is also achingly beautiful.  What do you think?

(All images sourced from Lyndie Dourthe)

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Comments (13)

That is certainly different, not my type of thing, but I assume others would love to have something unique as this, it would definitely be a conversation piece.

Hi Mags – You make me laugh! Hope you’re having a great day up there. 🙂

Love it, so cleaver and intricate… thanks for sharing. – Glad to have found your blog

There are some seriously talented people out there, aren’t there? Nice to find a fellow Sydney-sider in blog-land! 🙂

There sure are, glad to be with you on the journey of the Sydney bloggers!!

Well, given I want to either live in or holiday at most of the gorgeous places you post about, Arhitektura, it’s nice to be able to offer you something pretty! 🙂

hehehe! Im glad you enjoy the spaces I blog about. However one space you bloged about brought me to your website in the first place, so you are not a bad space/place blogger yourself if that makes any sense 🙂

Loving the butterflies….and the skeleton actually. Very intriguing work this is! I love how you bring us these wonderfully quirky looks into the most interesting things!

It is intriguing, isn’t it. I bet Lyndie Dourthe is more than a touch intriguing, too!

Bless your cotton socks! 🙂

She would certainly have to be…I’ve yet to meet a boring artist! 😉 Bless YOUR cotton socks too my dear and happy happy Friday! 😉

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