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M.Pup – Designing for You AND Your Four-legged Companion

A sofa for you and your dog
Dog Sofa by M.Pup
(Image from M.Pup)

I just love dogs, and there really is no better companion than an animal. (Rita Rudner)

I know this blog is called This Sydney Life. And, I know I said I would be focusing on Australasian stuff. But, I saw this wonderful couch by Korean design-house M.Pup and I just loved it. It made me smile. And, Korea is kind of in the region. And, I had dogs on my mind because the lovely curator of the Australian Garden Show left a message on my NOT the Australian Garden Show post saying he was going to think about how to better cater for our four-legged friends in next year’s show. (Yay! One wee voice can make a difference) And, just because, really…

So, here’s to M.Pup who design “for you and your companion”. And, by companion, they definitely mean the four-legged variety.

Dog Sofa by M.Pup (Image from M.Pup)
Dog Sofa by M.Pup
(Image from M.Pup)
Dog Sofa by M.Pup (Image from M.Pup)
Dog Sofa by M.Pup
(Image from M.Pup)
Dog Sofa by M.Pup (Image from M.Pup)
Dog Sofa by M.Pup
(Image from M.Pup)

From what I can gather, the dog sofa is the brainchild of Seungji Mun, design director of M.Pup. Their design ethos was born out of the continued growth in nuclear families, and with animals increasingly co-existing with people. For M.Pup, pets are companions for everyday life. For me, too!

Here in Australia, we have one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world. According to the RSPCA, a whopping 38% of Australian households have a dog. Perhaps I should tell M.Pup…? From what i can see, they don’t yet distribute their very cool dog sofa down under.

Dogs have boundless enthusiasm but no sense of shame. I should have a dog as a life coach. (Moby)

And. M.Pup don’t just design dog sofas…

Pet Bed by M.Pup (Image from M.Pup)
Pet Bed by M.Pup
(Image from M.Pup)
Dog House by M.Pup (Image from M.Pup)
Dog House by M.Pup
(Image from M.Pup)

You can check out M.Pup’s website here. I think their designs are seriously groovy. What do you reckon?

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Comments (12)

Fab, one to add to the ideas basket for pet loving clients! Have a great weekend, keep an eye out for Prince Harry in the harbour!

Oh BCD! – How are you, my friend? You have been on my mind…

You have a great long weekend, too

Very good still being a bit slack on the blog front….. I will get there!!!! 🙂

It’s a great design but I don’t think Bella would be happy just sitting at the end of the couch.

Nope. She definitely wouldn’t be happy there…

Dimples and I LOVE these! Though, Dimples seems to think that Wonderbutt would not fit in the portion of the sofa designed for the dog. I am a bit more concerned about Wonderbutt eating the sofa cushions…

I’m so glad that the dog sofa put a smile on Dimple’s dial. It is entirely possible that Wonderbutt would eat the cushions. It wouldn’t work for Bella, either. Her spot is as close to me as caninely possible…

I’m afraid Wonderbutt is the same. If I don’t sit on the one chair that he is allowed to occupy, he whines loudly every 30 seconds with his head on his paws until he gets his way.

Absolutely love it!

Our dog spent her younger years banished from the furniture so this would have been a great solution. Of course, by the time she got older, we weakened and changed the rules. She looked at us as if to say: “I simply cannot believe you made me sleep on the floor all these years while you guys sat on this nice comfy sofa!”.

We have the same look directed at us with regularity! I am guilty of anthropomorphising Bella’s ‘looks’ often… 🙂

My house is decorated in dogs anyway. I would like to send them a sample of their fur for color matching. 🙂

You know, Jan – I reckon’ they’d do it for you! They clearly love their pups!

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