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Marc Pascal Loves Orchids

Marc Pascal Orchid Lamp (Pendant)
Marc Pascal Orchid Lamp (Pendant)
(Image sourced from here)

And God said, ‘Let there be light’ and there was light, but the Electricity Board said He would have to wait until Thursday to be connected. (Spike Milligan)

Working from his studio in Melbourne, Marc Pascal designs and produces a variety of interior products for contemporary living.  He is predominantly a lighting designer, and his work can be seen in both commercial and domestic environments.

The uniqueness of his products lie both the quality of materials used and the way they are transformed.

Marc Pascal may love orchids, but I particularly love his award-winning Orchid Lamp. Polycarbonate film is dyed in his studio in a vast array of hues. All the lighting is made to order for small or large orders. Customers can indicate colour preference when ordering.

It is quite beautiful…

Marc Pascal Orchid Lamp (table)

Marc Pascal Orchid Lamp (table)
Marc Pascal Orchid Lamp (Table)
(Images © Marc Pascal)

If you decide you need a Marc Pascal Orchid Lamp, or if you’d just like to see some more works from this very talented designer, check out his website here.

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Comments (17)

stunning…. would be really cool to see how this looks lit up… another great find! 🙂

BCD – perhaps I may just have to organise a viewing for you… Jx

This is weird. I was just visiting the glass flowers in display at the Harvard Museum of Natural History. They pale in comparison to this. Of course, they were made in the 1800’s so I guess I should cut them some slack.

I love the way your mind works, WIM2S. Trying to come up with a suitable nickname for you (WIM2S just seems to impersonal now…) Watch this space – unless, of course, you have a preference?

Absolutely gorgeous – Beloved wants several.

Me too! Beloved and I are often of an accord in these matters, I find 🙂

Isn’t he clever, Angela? Just gorgeous – art in design

Me too, B. Always like when I get your seal of approval, my creative blogging buddy

They’re just beautiful, aren’t they, J?

My type of orchid, I don’t have much luck with growing the real thing and the colours are so pretty 🙂

Me neither, 2BD. I love the colours, too.

Aww shucks, Lisa. Cheers! 🙂

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