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Margot Elena From Tokyo Milk – A Bit of an Enigma

Kabuki No. 9 Bon Bon Shea Butter Lotion by Tokyo Milk
Kabuki No. 9 Bon Bon Shea Butter Lotion by Tokyo Milk
(Image from Tokyo Milk)

A while back I bought some Kabuki hand cream from one of my all time favourite shops in Sydney, Macleay on Manning. To be honest, it was an impulse buy and it languished on a bathroom shelf for a couple of months. But, that all changed recently when I rediscovered it AND it is my now new favourite hand cream. Seriously. I love it.

Now, those of you who are not ‘hand cream kinda’ people‘ won’t understand the search for the perfect hand cream. The ideal marriage of smell, texture, absorption and – it almost goes without saying – definitely never any greasy residue. Well, Tokyo Milk’s hand cream ticks all the boxes AND it has lovely packaging. Kabuki has a lychee-y, grapefruit-y, jasmine-y, vanilla-y scent and it is yummy. So yummy, in fact, that I wanted to find out more about the woman behind Tokyo Milk by Margot Elena.

I went a-looking. There is little about Margot Elena on the Tokyo Milk website. So, I looked some more. From Your Desks had this to say: “Margot Elena is a multifaceted designer who creates worlds of coordinating beauty, bath and body and home products. In her early twenties, Margot opened her first retail store, a highly successful gift boutique that focused on hand crafted soaps wrapped in custom packaging. Shortly thereafter, Margot launched Bloom, her first nationally distributed bath and body brand.

Archive, a minimalist luxury bathline followed Bloom. Margot’s most recognizable brand, classic Lollila, was created of boudoir accoutrements telling a story of modern romantic luxury. Tokyo Milk, was born out of a vision where nothing is as it seems. Her  latest creation takes a playful twist on the modern feminine with colourful Love&Toast, designed with the eco-conscious woman in mind. A portion of every Love & Toast sale goes directly to Regional Affiliates of Girls Inc. Love & Toast is Margot’s affirmation that good design and doing good go hand-in-hand. Margot lives and works in Denver, Colorado.”

So, I’m getting that Margot Elena is another of these super-creative, design-focused entrepreneurs that I so admire. And, she has a mini empire going on. Tokyo Milk alone is a wee treasure trove of goodies… There are perfumes, cosmetics, body luxuries, candles, stationery and much more.

If I want to extend my, as yet, small Kabuki obsession further, I could go for a candle or some parfum:

Kabuki No. 9 Candle by Tokyo Milk
Kabuki No. 9 Candle by Tokyo Milk
(Image from Tokyo Milk)
Kabuki No. 9 Parfum by Tokyo Milk
Kabuki No. 9 Parfum by Tokyo Milk
(Image from Tokyo Milk)

The card selection was quirky and made me wish Tokyo Milk shipped to Australia:

(All images from Tokyo Milk)

The Tokyo Milk website is well worth a squizz – especially if you live in North America. You can get to it here. Until Margot Elena reaches world domination, those of us down under will have to make do with sourcing her product elsewhere…

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If I didn’t use handcream, I’ve have hands like an East End Docker – think I inherited that from my Dad!

There is NO WAY you’re hands could come close to looking like that, my friend. Me-thinks you exaggerate…

Oooh looks very good, i especially love the cards as well. The Cricket on made me chuckle!

There are LOADS of cards on the website, BCD. Well cool!

Looks wonderful J! I agree with you – the search for a good hand cream is an important one in a woman’s life! Great find & share – thanks! xx


I’m going to dig out that soup recipe when I go home at Christmas and send it to you. Promise.

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