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Mark McGinnis & His Less-Than-PC Alphabet Series…


They are a little bit rude. They are a little bit contentious. They won’t appeal to everyone. They are certainly not for children…

Brooklyn-based artist Mark McGinnis and his series of most un-PC Alphabet Series prints seem to have found a comfortable wee niche. For the uninitiated, you’ll love ’em or you’ll hate ’em, but these spoofed alphabet cards (remember them from primary school?) will definitely cause a reaction.

I’ve got a sample of some of (what I consider to be) the tamer cards here:

I’m not sure I actually want to hang one on my wall, but the letter M did make me smile AND whichever letter you chose, it would be a conversation starter… What do you think?

If you decide you’d like a Mark McGinnis Alphabet Series print on your wall, you can buy one here, from The Future Perfect.

(All images sourced from here.)

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Comments (28)

The WASP is cute, but after checking the link you provided, I like the sad looking steak that is V for Vegan. Or the Bonnie & Clyde pair in D for Drive-by. But, like you, none of these would be going up on my wall!

Hey Sparks – you know that line…? I reckon’ these prints are on the other side of it! Have an awesome weekend. 🙂

I think they are very cute in their own way, and well thought out. 😀

Deceptively cute, I would say, Mags! 🙂

I’ve always liked camels myself…
Remember when you said I like everything you post? It’s never been more true than right NOW.
🙂 😉

You crack me up! GOOD!!! A big, fat shout out to Van-city from Syders, too!!! 🙂

Nothing wrong with a little bit of crudity! The camel toe made me chuckle! You have some great finds! 🙂

The camel toe seems to be winning in the popularity stakes, BCD. I’m a merkin fan, myself. 🙂

Certainly not wall candy in my house, but one doesn’t have to own, or display a thing to enjoy it and appreciate the wit:) Goodonya for tracking him down for us (I’d never have gone looking …)

Well howdy Wanderlust Gene – thanks for stopping by. We are in agreement on the sentiment. Thanks for a lovely comment. Had a nosey around your blog. You have a lovely turn of phrase. 🙂

Why, thankee mam:) Nice to meet you at last.

This is so Brooklyn! Glad to see the art (and humour) is reaching Sydney. Paste those up on the walls in the city 😉 Street art!

THAT would be a cool photography project… Perhaps you should come home for that, Marina?!?!

I’ll leave it for you Syders. I want to see a post of street art, regardless 😉

Noted. (Aargh! The pressure!)

Challenge – no pressure. I know you’ll find something exciting (my friend saw some cool stuff in Newtown I think, maybe even Redfern too! They seem to have a very Brooklyn-esque vibe)

Good thinking, Batman. Newtown is just down the road for this inner westie!

it’s where the cool people live, I heard!

I love them! Can’t imagine ever seeing them on the wall of my nephew’s bedroom, they would definitely inspire conversation and debate where ever they were hung 🙂

I know exactly what you mean about the nephew’s bedroom wall. 😉

Well, thanks for adding another word to the terms I wish I’d never Googled. Didn’t know what a “merkin” was. Wish I still didn’t!

I kinda’ like it! I have a cousin who has extremely curly hair. When he was teenager, his friends at school nick-named him ‘Merkin’… That was my introduction to the word!

Wow. That is both hilarious and depressing at the same time.

I like the Y picture – too funny.

Well, Lady Fi – it would have been wrong not to have included it, wouldn’t it? Happy you liked it! 🙂

Thank you for the laugh out loud. Love those. I kind of want to see them all now.

And you can! Just click on the Future Perfect link at the bottom! Enjoy!

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