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Market Street: Textures in Architectural Design


Something a little different for you today – a wee taste of a small part of central Syders!

Aerial view of Sydney
Central Sydney – Aerial View
(Image © Where Magazines Australia)

I guess the shopping heart of Sydney has got to be Pitt Street Mall, situated bang smack in the middle of the city (give or take!). For the past few years Pitt Street has been on the receiving end of a m a s s i v e renovation, care of the cashed up folk at Westfield. It has been a major undertaking, and I gotta’ say some of the changes are fab’.

En route to meeting a friend for lunch yesterday, and I was struck by some of the textural design features on Market Street…

First up, the façade to 100 Market Street. John Wardle Architects was the firm responsible for the external façade of the retail centre and they were inspired by the idea of stitching – not only in a fashion sense, but also metaphorically in terms of the building stitching this precinct together. The wall itself was created by Dani Marti. The awning is a fine stainless steel thread that weaves through the awning, through an eyelet, back up the façade and back down. The pattern on the facade’s glass is a rush called Lomandra multiflora, which is an indigenous grass in the Sydney area used by the local Aboriginal people for weaving baskets.

Close up image of Dani Marti's rope wall
100 Market Street – Rope Wall by Dani Marti
(Image by TSL)
Close up of patterned glass facade at 100 Market Street
100 Market Street – ‘Lomandra Multiflora’ Patterned Glass Facade
(Image by TSL)
Image of 100 Market Street Facade
100 Market Street
(Image by TSL)

Right next door, Prada‘s flagship Miu Miu store in Sydney. This amazing retail shop  consists of a completely illuminated façade. I understand Prada has built these facades all over the world. No matter – this is impressive! Just love the colour!

Close up of Miu Miu store - Sydney
Close Up of the Miu Miu Sydney Store Illuminated Facade
(Image by TSL)
Image of Miu Miu Store - Market Street, Sydney
Miu Miu Store – Market Street, Sydney
(Image by TSL)
Miu Miu Store Facade - Market Street, Sydney
Miu Miu Store Illuminated Facade – Market Street, Sydney
(Image by TSL)

Not a bad place to be, my adopted city…

Have a great weekend in your corner of the world!

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Comments (19)

Great photographs! Would love to visit one day….

Come on down, Kristin! Sydney is a fab’ city.

Great post I will now be that little more observant on that trip to work every morning!!! I have always wondered about the rope wall on the Westfield entrance, I love it.

Me too (hence this post!) – it really is amazing up close, isn’t it? Hope you’re having a fab’ weekend, BCD.

These look great, it is amazing the different ideas people can come up with.

It amazes me too, Mags. Just fantastic!

I am fascinated by unique architecture. Thanks for the pics!

I reckon’ that’d be one piece of rope Wonderbutt couldn’t chew through, WIM2S!

Great photos! I spent many a lunch break walking through Pitt St Mall and down Market St, I miss Sydney and hope to visit that crazy city sometime soon.

Cheers 2BDs – Have a fab’ weekend in your neck of the woods. 🙂

Thank you, I love my weekends 🙂

Fabulous! Love these shots…one day I’ll visit for sure! Have a great weekend J! 🙂

I’m counting on it, Shira. Really. Or, perhaps a Vancouver rendezvous, my friend. 🙂

Ahhh Syders – how the city had changed since I was there just a year ago! need to plan the trip home soon, and I cannot wait to see the developments. I am so excited – your post has me wanting to book that ticket now. I love cool branding and creativity in architecture, and I hope Sydney keeps on adopting a balanced approach to it, Thanks for sharing these pics!

Marina – please let me know when you’re coming home for a visit. Would love to say howdy and have a coffee…! 🙂

Did I say how much I enjoy your blog?
great post.

Awww – thanks Barbara. You know I enjoy yours, too. And, I appreciate the comment here (this post didn’t seem to strike such a chord with readers as others)

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