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Miguel Endara Takes Stippling to the Millionth Degree!

'A Sunday on La Grande Jatte' by Georges Surat
‘A Sunday on the Island of La Grande Jatte’ by Georges Seurat
(Image sourced from here)

I have long been a fan of George Seurat and his pointillism artworks. The way the millions of tiny dots of multi-coloured paint allow the eye to blend colours optically rather than having the colours physically blended on the canvas have always fascinated me.

Pointillism has got to be stippling at its most sophisticated, don’t you think?

Definition of STIPPLE
1: to engrave by means of dots and flicks
2 a : to make by small short touches (as of paint or ink) that together produce an even or softly graded shadow, b : to apply (as paint) by repeated small touches
3: speckle, fleck

So, when I recently came across the fabulously patient and talented Miguel Endara and his Hero work, I was captivated.

'Hero' by Miguel Endara
‘Hero’ by Miguel Endara
(Copyright © 2012 Miguel Endara)
Close Up of 'Hero' by Miguel Endara (eye)
‘Hero’ by Miguel Endara (Close Up)
(Copyright © 2012 Miguel Endara)
Close Up of 'Hero' by Miguel Endara (nose)
‘Hero’ by Miguel Endara (Close Up)
(Copyright © 2012 Miguel Endara)
Close Up of 'Hero' by Miguel Endara (Cheek)
‘Hero’ by Miguel Endara (Close Up)
(Copyright © 2012 Miguel Endara)

Miguel took a n image of his Dad and recreated it using stippling. Hero is composed of approximately 3.2 million black ink dots, using a single Sakura Pigma Micron pen (nib size 005, 0.20 mm). The total number of dots was determined by multiplying the average stippling speed of this piece, 4.25 dots per second, by the amount of time logged in, 210 hours. WOW!

Watch the wonderfully shot video below which condenses 210 hours of drawing to see how Miguel did his amazing work.

[vimeo w=398&h=224]

You can also check out his Miguel Endara’s website here. For US$140, you could be the proud owner of a limited edition Hero print. All prints are produced on archival paper. Each limited edition print is signed, numbered and shipped personally by the artist. Certificate of Authenticity included.

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Comments (22)

I don’t even have the patience to watch the video!

Ha! I understand! It is time-lapse, tho’. Condenses everything to just over 2 minutes.

I love reading your blog and all the interesting finds you share. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award 🙂

Hey, thanks Millie! Much appreciated! 🙂

A great post, what an amazing talent, I enjoyed the video, just magnificent.

Imagine the patience, Mags. What if he slipped…?

I absolutely love this stuff too. It seems so difficult.

Do you think he just goes into his ‘stippling zone’, GG?

It is so cool! I recall watching a (similar or same) video a while back – amazing. The art of patience and control is masterful.

He is a better man than me, Marina. I did a stippled piece in my design course. It took
f o r e v e r . . .

Too cool! Very amazing J! She does it again… 🙂 Hope you are swell my friend! XO!

Swell! That is such a quintessentially North American expression. Love it!

Yes! – I’m swell, Shira! Hope you are, too?

I too love Seurat, that era of painting and illustration really appeals to me. That illustration is incredible, what a find for you and so glad you shared it – not to mention the video of the work in progress.

Hi 2BDs – so happy you enjoyed the post. I think it’s pretty incredible, too 🙂

whhhhaaattttt! That- is amazing stuff. Some people are just on a different level, this is so brilliant. And I also love Seurat’s La Grande Jatte!

Isn’t it incredible? I just don’t have anywhere near that kind of patience!

Meditation exercise … That what this art is…
It is like Zen with a pen

Well done. I’m a pointillist painter and used stipple for years.

Hi Gail! Thanks for stopping by.

Your site is wonderful 🙂

I did my art history dissertation on Seurat, absolutely love his work and having done a couple of copies ( v badly as part of the project) I have the ultimate respect for these artists! I recall headaches and cross eyed concentration, they are so so clever!

BCD! Hola Girlfriend! How is your trip going? Hope you are spending FAR too much…

In Sicily now! Hard life…… And (un)fortunately luggage allowance is restricting my purchases but sure am not looking forward to the credit card bill! But hey you only live once and you cannot take it with you when you go!

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