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My Infinite Home by Hanemaai

My Infinite Home by Jolien Hanemaaijer
My Infinite Home by Jolien Hanemaaijer
(Image © Hanemaai)

I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself. (Maya Angelou)

How brilliant is this concept by Hanemaai? Seriously? A choice of two portable objects for storage that have the double function of a suitcase and a personal ‘show ‘n’ tell’. You carry them with you or put them down as personal shelving. Best of all, they transport what you need, and show what you have chosen to take with you. In these days of accumulating less stuff (which I have yet to master), and living more simply and sustainably, this gorgeous design by Jolien Hanemaaijer has got to take the cake.

This project started from Jolien’s personal experience with extensive traveling and having to live out of one suitcase. She had to make choices about what to bring and what to leave behind. While making these choices was hard, it also allowed her to get rid of unnecessary things. In Jolien’s words, “the important and good items that you decide to bring are the objects that define your identity.” What would you choose?

The suitcases are made from bended beech, leather and metal. The objects kept in place by elastic bands that are pulled through small holes in the wooden frame. If you want to bring a lot of luggage, you simply adjust the elastics.

Home is where one starts from. (T.S. Eliot)

My Infinite Home by Jolien HanemaaijerMy Infinite Home by Jolien Hanemaaijer

My Infinite Home by Jolien Hanemaaijer
My Infinite Home by Jolien Hanemaaijer
(All images © Hanemaai)
My Infinite Home by Jolien Hanemaaijer
Jolien Hanemaaijer Traveling With Her Infinite Home
(Image © Hanemaai)

Jolien Hanemaaijer currently lives in the Netherlands. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Art (The Hague) with a degree in Textile Design, she started her own design company called Hanemaai. If you’d like to learn more about here fab’ designs (this is not the only one!), you can access her site here. She is definitely a designer to watch, I reckon!

(I am off taking a wee sojourn to sunny Queensland over the next few days which means my response times to your comments may be a little slower than usual. I do love hearing from you, so please don’t stop! – It may just take me a little longer to get back to you. Cheers!)

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I would bring my plants.

That is incredible. 😀

So fun! Love this idea, and the product looks cool.

Wow! These are so cute. Maybe when Jack and I finally settle down in a cute little loft somewhere, these would hold our special treasures perfectly.

How in the world do you find this stuff??

That is so amazingly creative! What a concept!

This one I don’t quite get – yes great for display but for carrying your personal items as luggage? Won’t they all fall out? get damaged? Sorry the pragmatist in me cannot stretch her head around this one….

love! simply brilliant, and brilliantly simple… takes bag lady to a whole new level 🙂

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