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Ode to Donna Wilson – ‘Knitting Designer’

Donna Wilson 'Meg Plate'
Donna Wilson ‘Meg Plate’
Serve your dinner on Meg’s friendly face plate. Hand made and printed in Stoke-on Trent. 100% Bone China.
(Image © Donna Wilson)

Donna Wilson – you make me smile,
You’re the best ‘knitting designer’ I‘ve seen in a long while.

The humour you put into all your designs,
Makes each one seem like such a whimsical find.

I just love your kooky ‘Bearded Man’,
And ‘Peeping Tom’, I think he was there back when it began.

Your ‘blah blah’ rug just makes me grin,
And now there’s ‘Grace’; she the yang to ‘Meg’s’ yin.

In addition, there’s another bit –
No matter how I try, I just can’t learn to knit!

(Sheepishly brought to you by TSL)

Donna Wilson 'Peeping Tom'
Donna Wilson ‘Peeping Tom’
He is inquisitive and likes telling jokes. He dislikes smelly feet. He is my favourite!
Material: Knitted wool & polyester stuffing
(Image © Donna Wilson)
Donna Wilson 'Use My Beard Tea Towel'
Donna Wilson ‘Use My Beard Tea Towel’
Beautifully printed in the UK on quality linen/cotton.
(Image © Donna Wilson)

Donna Wilson 'Meg Cushion' (Front)

Donna Wilson 'Meg Cushion' (Back)
Donna Wilson ‘Meg Cushion’
Meg’s friendly face is printed on 100% cotton. She comes in 2 colour ways, with yellow or orange hair. Comes with duck feather cushion pad.
(Images © Donna WIlson)
Donna Wilson 'Right Wrong Gloves' in Green
Donna Wilson ‘Right Wrong Gloves’
For those sleepy early mornings – cosy gloves marked right and wrong just to make sure they don’t get muddled up. (I have a great mate in NZ who has trouble with right & left. These would be great for her…) One size only (adult). 100% lambs wool. Available in green, coral, camel and grey
(Image © Donna Wilson)
Donna Wilson 'Blah Blah Large Throw'
Donna Wilson ‘Blah Blah Large Throw’
100% lambswool, woven in Scotland. Available in white with ebony or blue with ebony. (Cheaper than a Mel Bochner original, too!)
(Image © Donna Wilson)
Donna Wilson 'Swan Scarf'
Donna Wilson ‘Swan Scarf’
100% lambswool, knitted in Scotland. Swan around and stand out this winter. Mini versions also available for children. (Now you, too can channel Björk!)
Available in black and white
(Image © Donna Wilson)

Originally from Scotland, Donna Wilson’s grandma taught her how to knit and crochet at a young age. She started selling her quirky knitted designs online after completing a sell-out show, along with her degree in mixed media textiles at the Royal College of Art in 2003. All her designs are created to make people smile. Works for me!

If you’d like to see more of the oh so talented Donna Wilson designs, or if you’d like to order something from her on-line shop, you can do so from here.

Donna Wilson, I salute you.

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Comments (17)

They make me smile too!!! I was just looking at her Blah blah blah blanket last night, but love all of the other products too, I love the way everything comes with a little added “tongue in cheek”. Can I put in an order for you to crochet me the swan scarf? Great little poem BTW TSL! 🙂

Ha! You will be waiting a l o n g time for a crocheted swan scarf, BCD. 🙂

Oooh. I love the swan scarf.

So does BCD, J – she suggested I crochet one for her. She’s such a joker, that one! 🙂

Fab poem! I just can’t wait to see your posts every day!

That’s just about the best comment I could get. Cheers WIM2S! 🙂

Reblogged this on bekahdu handmade and commented:
I love all of these so much I thought I’d share. .thanks TSL

Love it! Pinning now…


Woohoo! Cheers Daniel! 🙂

Love these, TSL! That Peeeping Tom is a classic – he even looks a bit shifty somehow (maybe it’s those little legs). And that blah blah blah throw is fabulous. Checking out the online shop now! 🙂

Hey Sparks – hope you’re having a Friday vino, my friend. I do love the ‘Peeping Tom’. I think he’s just lovely. 🙂

Love the face pillows J! They are super fun! 🙂

He’s just the kind of peeping tom I’d be willing to get close to. Lovely, isn’t he?

Have a lovely-jubbly weekend! 🙂

Donna learned how to crochet, eh? You’re next Syders – you’ll be making these kinds of designs soon!

Ha! Sometimes, I talk too much… 🙂

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