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The OFFALLY GOOD Recipe Round Up

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“I think tripe is maligned. It’s wonderful stuff, but everyone goes ‘urgh.’ You have to wash and then cook it, very gently braise it, for eight hours. It uplifts you but steadies you at the same time.” – Fergus Henderson

There’s no tripe in my OFFALLY GOOD recipe round up, but I still love Fergus!

If you’ve been following the Autoimmune Protocol for any length of time, you already know that offal is OFFALLY GOOD for you…

In fact, it is some of the most nutrient dense food you can eat.

So, today, I want to celebrate offal and remind you about the importance of adding at least one or two serves a week to your diet. Sometimes, it’s good to have a reminder!


Coming in at #3 on my all-time most popular recipes list is this baby – You Won’t Believe it’s TOMATO-FREE Ragu Bolognese.

Best of all, despite being AIP elimination-friendly, your AIP muggle-mates won’t be able to tell this is healthy. My partner, David reckons this tomato-free bolognese tastes better than the original!

Joanna Frankham Beef CheeksAIP

Just slipping into the top 20 – at #19 – on my all-time most popular recipes list is my Bloody BRILLIANT Braised Beef Cheeks. And, every time I make this, I give myself a pat on the back. It’s really good!

Technically, because they form part of the ‘face’ of an animal, cheeks fall under the ‘offal’ banner. Beef cheeks are SUCH an under-rated cut and they lend themselves to long, slow braising. The end result is an unctuous, melt-in-your-mouth experience!

An Instant Pot-modified version of this recipe also features in The Paleo AIP Instant Pot Cookbook.


These SUPER SIMPLE Breakfast Burger Patties date back to when I was still experimenting with breakfasts on AIP. They even pre-date my homemade kraut-making! That’s how long ago this post was published!

Burger patties are a GREAT way to ease into eating more nutrient-dense offal and they freeze well in perfectly portion-sized wee balls of goodness. Just heat ‘n’eat with some sliced avocado and fermented veggies for a tasty brekkiw on the run!

AIP Reintro – Stage 2 (contains butter)

I count myself lucky that I have access to some very good offal here in Sydney. I purchase my chicken, duck and rabbit liver (and fresh duck fat, too) from Beth at Burrawong Gaian. It’s so good, it makes you want to experiment with pâté!

This “I Can’t Believe it’s Liver” Duck Liver, Thyme and Orange Pâté would be just as tasty made with chicken livers if duck is not available in your neck of the woods.

Chicken Liver Pate

AIP Reintro – Stage 2 (contains butter)

This is My Mum’s WORLD FAMOUS in NEW ZEALAND Chicken Liver Pâté recipe. I grew up on this stuff. This super-easy number remains one of Mum’s recipes that my siblings and I still request whenever we are visiting home. It is universally loved in my family.

Try it – your family may feel the same way!

Liver in Bacon


SIMPLE Barbecued Liver in Bacon is one of David’s favourite starters or snacks. Doesn’t everything taste better with bacon?

I buy my bacon from Greg and Lauren at Linga Longa Farm because it’s made with pork from very happy piggies. It tastes so good when wrapped around some of Beth’s little chicken livers and simply grilled on the barbecue… Could not be easier!

JFC Liver Recipe Round UpAIP

This GREAT AIP-Friendly Liver Recipe Round-Up! is my 6th most popular post ever! It’s full of a whole host of AIP-friendly liver recipes to improve your health. It’s a good one for pinning!


For some reason, even the most adventurous of eaters can get a little squeamish about tongue. My Mum used to make tongue when I was growing up – pressed tongue is one of my Dad’s favourite foods – so, I wasn’t so funny about cooking it the very first time. David, on the other hand, wasn’t so sure…

And then, he tried it. Now, he’d prefer to eat this SUPER SIMPLE Ox Tongue with Green Caper Sauce than have a steak. When tongue is simmered in liquid very slowly, it becomes a buttery-smooth cut which is hard to resist!

Keto Meat MuffinsAIP

These Noy’s NUTRIMENTAL Meaty Muffins were created for my Dad (whose middle name is Noy!)

They’re a great snackage option. But, they also fit the bill for breakfast or lunch on the run – especially if you add some sliced veggies (think: cucumber and carrot sticks) or a healthy green smoothie.

They’re a stealth way to sneak in some nutrient dense liver for those members of your family who aren’t in love with offal, too!

There you have it! My OFFALLY GOOD recipe round up.

I’ll keep this page updated as I add more recipes to my offal repertoire.

*Why not consider bookmarking this page for those days when you need a little OFFALLY GOOD inspiration…

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