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Page Thirty Three Emergency Candle – Every Home Should Have One!

Emergency Candle by Page Thirty Three
Page Thirty Three Emergency Candle
(Image from Page Thirty Three)

It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness. (Eleanor Roosevelt)

It’s hard to believe that almost a year has passed since I first discovered the clever design duo that is Page Thirty Three. It’s true. Time does fly. And, Page Thirty Three continues to marry great design with a hefty dose of pragmatism.

They also still, “draw reference and inspiration from trees, flowers, weeds, art, history, design, and the street. They love simple rituals, comfortable spaces, and natural themes. With a clear focus on Australian design & Australian manufacture, many of Page Thirty Three’s objects are hand crafted at their Sydney studio using renewable materials, ecologically friendly packaging, and a positive frame of mind.” 

So, not much has changed by way of their design ethos, but their range has expanded. Gotta’ say, my personal favourite (after the seriously beautiful essential oil burner which I still covet) is the Emergency Candle.

The Emergency Candle is made from 100% Organic Beeswax and sealed inside an airtight and waterproof tin can. In case of emergency, lift ring, pull lid, strike match & light. Safety matches enclosed.

Groovy, don’t you think? ! reckon’ every home needs one (especially mine!)

Page Thirty Three Emergency Candle Detail

Page Thirty Three Emergency Candle Tower

Page Thirty Three Emergency Candle (Images from Page Thirty Three)
Page Thirty Three Emergency Candle
(Images from Page Thirty Three)

If you would like to get your hands on an Emergency Candle from Page Thirty Three, you can check out their Australia and New Zealand stockists here, or Page Thirty Three can send you one direct from their online store for AU$34.95 + $10 shipping (in Australia).


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Comments (11)

Fantastic idea, I love the diagram too. 🙂

The diagram is just about the icing on the cake, yes? Very cool brand.

I love their design aesthetic, the oil burner is brilliant.

You could put that on the list… 🙂

thanks for the kind words. positive comments give the best inspiration for future design!

Hey Ryan – thanks for stopping by. I really love your design aesthetic. Form and function!

So simple and yet functional.

Page Thirty Three makes great design look easy, don’t you think, Lady Fi?

I’m so glad you said the safety matches are enclosed. We need one of these in every room. Whenever we lose electricity we spend the entire time in the dark blaming each other for misplacing all of our flashlights.

I understand completely!!!

And, then when we do find a torch, the batteries have run out.

We cannibalize the batteries for other devices – so there generally aren’t any even in the flashlight. You would think that someone as paranoid about terrorists as me would be a bit more prepared for disaster 🙂

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