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Wheel of Health
Introducing Your Wheel of Health

I’m so pleased to introduce you to my Wheel of Health. This baby was born out of my experiences with personalising my AIP way of life. I wanted a tool to make it easier to focus on the important stuff… I hope you will find it helpful in your health caper!

Box Breathing
Stress Management Tools: Box Breathing

How’s your stress level? If I asked you to rate your stress on a scale of 1 to 10, where would you be, I wonder?

In this week’s post, I’m sharing a prospective technique to add to your health toolbox. And this one is my new favourite because it’s so easy – both to remember and to do. I do it while walking with Bella in the morning. And, walking to the bus. And, in the car…

It’s like a portable secret weapon!

How to Create Boundaries
How to Create Boundaries for the Sake of Your Health

Setting boundaries is a form of self-care.

The further you dig into this health caper, the more you realise that it’s all about you…

And, that can be counter-intuitive for most of us. It’s very likely you’ve grown up in an environment where you’ve been taught to be selfless; to worry about others before you do your self. This is especially true if you are of the female persuasion.

So, today I’m sharing my tips on creating boundaries for the sake of your health.

Slow down to go fast
Video-Cast: Slow Down to Go Fast

The phrase ‘slow down to go fast’ relates to the somewhat counter-intuitive notion that stopping or slowing down at the beginning of a process to consider what – and, how – you plan to accomplish your goals will enable you to go much faster in the end. Ultimately, by implementing this simple step, you are likely to be far more successful, and in the same amount of time, too