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Health Update
My Health Update FOR 2021

A health update – what eight years of following this AIP way of life has done for my health (and what I’m still working on.) It’s always interesting to stop and take stock. A big thanks to Sara for motivating me to write this post!

Good Breathing
The Importance of Good Breathing

Good breathing keeps your nervous system in check. It’s a great way to manage stress – especially when you know how to do it properly. And when you start a good breathing practice, you may find your anxiety levels decrease!

How to Practice the Pause
How to Practice the Pause

How to practice the pause – a pause is a temporary rest. It’s also a very useful tool to help you manage stress and practice mindfulness. Learning to practise the pause can help to prevent you from jumping to hasty conclusions or making choices that don’t serve you.

Sleep and the AIP
Sleep and the AIP

Did you know that lack of sleep – both quality and quantity – affects your judgement, your coordination, and your reaction times? It can even affect your waistline. No surprises that I think you should be taking your sleep seriously. Here are my tips!

Love AIP Reset
Why I Love AIP Reset

AIP Reset turns 4 in September. This anniversary program marks the 15th time it has run! I’m sharing just why I love AIP Reset so much. When I first started running the program, I had no idea the support and connection and camaraderie that would eventuate. I love AIP Reset!