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Pat and Stick’s most excellent ice cream adventure…


Pat and Stick Logo

One of the wonderful things about going to the Farmers Markets every week is that you meet some fascinating people in the business of a-makin’ and a-growin’ great food.  LM laughs at me, but I love the opportunity to chat to the people directly responsible for the produce I am buying (and then eating).  I have been known to share a recipe (strange but true, Shira!) and I know I go back to the stalls and spend more where I have established a level of rapport with the providore.

Last week was no exception – the boys from Pat and Stick’s were dispensing their wares at Eveleigh. I had absolutely zero intention of picking up any form of ice cream on Saturday but then we bumped into Stick (who is a very tall and extremely happy and chatty chappy) who was doing the selling when we strolled by…  (we bought four sandwiches AND were on the receiving end of a great dry ice story)

Image of Stick (of Pat and Stick's) at Eveleigh
Here’s Stick himself at Eveleigh (pic’ taken by the lovely ChocolateSuze)

The Pat and Stick story is a goody.  The boys are mates and got to chatting over a few beers.  They share a love of food and, after agreeing that the ice cream offerings in Australia (at the time) were pretty ordinary, started mucking about in their home kitchens with a Breville ice cream maker.  Out of this, the idea of their ice cream sandwich business was born. They chucked in their jobs and started up, initially just selling at markets.

They are committed to using only the finest ingredients like Belgian chocolate, real vanilla beans, espresso coffee, real butter, and fresh Australian milk and cream. In their words, “you won’t find any preservatives, artificial whatevers or fake fillery. It’s real food, made by real people, right here in Australia.”

Flavour combos are delish’:

Pat and Stick's Ice cream flavours
Pat and Stick’s ice cream sandwich combo’s (they have since added a Peppermint Choc-chip number to the range)

There is something extra appealing about two good mates who are clearly so enthusiastic about their product.  They have a great wee vid’ about their history:

Now, if you live in Sydney and have yet to try a Pat and Stick’s ice cream sandwich, get thee to a stockist at your earliest convenience…  If you live in Melbourne, Brisbane or Canberra, there’s a list of where you can buy these gourmet ‘Eskimo Sammies’ (aka ice cream sandwiches) on the Pat and Stick’s website (here).  AND, if you happen to live in Auckland, you can get a Pat and Stick’s at Sarge’s, a well cool-looking Airstream at Britomart. Everyone else, Pat and Stick have yet to achieve world domination, but it does give you another reason to come and visit sunny Sydney!

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Comments (23)

OMG! I really wish you hadn’t posted this! Now, I am craving ice cream – and feeling very frustrated that I live nowhere near Australia!

Ha! After all that wine, do you think you can fit in ice cream? (Silly question, that’s a different compartment!)

You are probably right. I should have saved the wine money for my “Trip to Australia” account. I think it would be much better spent!

Oh my goodness- seriously, my mouth is watering. Why haven’t they invented taste-o-vision yet! Is there a way I can try one of these here in the states? Great post!

Hey Alison – Pat & Stick are trying for world domination, so while they have yet to get State-side, it’s only a matter of time! 🙂

Damn! I just spent last weekend in Sydney, but I’m off to NGA to see Renaissance so I’ll just have to drop by Canberra for my sandwich. You’ve made my decision to not have an easter egg so much easier, an easter ice cream is more appropriate and destined to be just as messy.Thanks!

I’m liking your thinking. An Easter ice cream… or two! Happy Easter eating, PaintLater! 🙂

You just can’t beat home made ice-cream, truly delicious. 🙂

Agreed! It’s why Pat & Stick are proving to be so popular. 🙂

I love a good business story. These guys are some cool entrepreneurs. Well done on sharing their story! This article wouldn’t sound out of place in Brooklyn… tell thm to get over here, to NY!

Me too! I think Pat is from Minnesota? Perhaps it’s on the cards…

Oh yum, now these boys could really get me into ice cream! Great story and I agree with Marina, would not be out of place in Brooklyn or *even* my little Canadian foodie town here at home!
Those sandwiches look gorgeous…and yes, real!
I love imagining you at the Farmer’s market J chatting with all the growers – cilantro, kale, cauliflower…so many wonderful things to buy! Makes me smile 🙂

Aww – what a lovely thing to say! LM may have a thing or two to add to your image. I’m sure there are times he wishes he was fast asleep while I natter away!

These ice cream sandwiches are REALLY good, S. Are you 100% dairy free ALWAYS? (You are a stronger woman than me!)

It’s true!
No – I am SO not strictly dairy free, but I love to use alternatives to keep it balanced – I used to be back in the days when I thought super militancy was fun *I no longer think this and life is much for fun!*.. but as much as I can’t say no to cheese (one of life’s best pleasures) – regular ice cream is an easy one for me to walk away from, unless, of course I could treat myself to this ;)!

Ooh! Now I know this, you simply MUST try soft washed rind cheese with your super-delish kale pesto on sprouted grain toast. OMG! Heaven!

When you come to Sydney, we’ll splash out on a Pat and Stick’s… 🙂

Yum! I love ice cream sandwiches and their flavours sound divine, will definitely be looking for them on my next trip to Sydney.

Hey 2BD – thanks for stopping in! My Mum (in Auckland) said the same thing. Pat & Stick’s yummy sandwiches are available all over Sydney. If you go to the markets, they’ll even pack them with dry ice for you, so your sammies don’t melt! 🙂

They are amazing, aren’t they? I love the Mochaccino. I worked out that if you buy one as soon as you arrive at the Eveleigh markets, you can eat it while walking around and then grab another one as you leave…and in between, you’ve walked off some calories so the first one doesn’t count!

That is TOO funny (and yet, brilliant!) I shared it with LM and he was most impressed.

Oh my goodness……might have to get myself down to those markets. Not the best thing to see after I have just hoovered down a Lindt Bunny!!! he he

They are SERIOUSLY good! Although, Lindt bunnies have their place… 🙂

This goes into my wishlist to fuel my ice cream obsession..hell yes!

Hey Mr Bloggy – Cheers for the howdy AND the follow! Welcome aboard… I reckon’ if you e-mail Pat & Stick, they’ll be able to oblige. Let me know? 🙂

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