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Paulo Haubert Has a Thing for Poufs…

TSL Bella the poodle on the Paulo Haubert Pouf
The most expensive dog bed in the world!

You know those silly stock questions that are often asked? Things like, “If your house/flat/apartment was burning down, what three/five/ten things would you grab?” What the asker really means is, “Are there any (material) things that you are especially fond of?”

On my list (which possibly may have more than ten items), would definitely be my orange Rasta Pouf designed by Paulo Haubert for Avec Arcade. Hand made in Brazil, the Rasta collection of poufs are aesthetically fabulous, fun and it seems that everybody loves them.  Including poodles, toddlers and my Mum.

Avec Arcade Rasta Pouf in Blue
Avec Arcade Rasta Pouf in Blue (close Up)

I got my Pouf a few years ago from Space Furniture in Sydney at 84 O’Riordan St, Alexandria, NSW 2015, but I’m sure the team at Arcade would be more than accommodating if you needed to locate a retailer in your neck of the woods!

(Blue Rasta Pouf images sourced from here.)

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Comments (10)

I want a Pouf! I wonder where I could find one in these parts?

Hi S! I had a quick look. If you do want a Rasta Pouf (and they ARE gorgeous!) Luminaire in Chicago apparently stocks them. Their number is 312.664.9582.

PS – have decided your Peanut Butter Cups will be made when my wee nephew comes to visit in April 🙂

Nice! He’ll DIIIIIG (my daughter gobbled 2 last night)! I’ll check those out – you are just so sweet! It looks very beautiful!! I’ll have a look!

Naaah – just feeling a smidge’ guilty for not digging out that mango daiquiri recipe as promised 🙁

Ha! I’m still waiting…….
Not at all!!! Yer funny…

Bella is very cute… but I wonder if a sheepdog was inspiration for the Pouf?!

DEFINITELY more sheepdog then poodle… I wonder what Bella would look like with dreadlocks?

I love the shag pile look, so different, looks too good to put your feet up on. 😀

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