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Please Sir, ‘GAN’ I Have Some More?

Mangas Largas by GAN
Mangas Largas by GAN
(Image © GAN)

Today, I’m sharing with you something that I had to think twice about. Not because I didn’t think it was up to TSL standards. Rather, I love this design so much I wondered whether I should be just a little selfish and keep it all to myself. Seriously. I think it is that gorgeous. And, it’s not even new. The range has been around since 2009. I’m just a little behind.

The ‘Mangas’ (meaning: ‘sleeves’) range from GAN was inspired by hand-woven sweaters (or, jumpers if you’re not from North America!) Apparently, designer Patricia Urquiola was thinking of old knitted socks and that treasured winter scarf that finds its way into your wardrobe when she created these gorgeous numbers that are so warm and woolly.

Perhaps I love it so much because it’s cold and raining outside as I write this in Sydney?

Mangas Largas by GAN
Mangas Largas by GAN
(Image © GAN)
Mangas Minis by GAN
Mangas Minis by GAN
(Image © GAN)
Mangas Mini by GAN
Mangas Mini by GAN
(Image © GAN)
Mangas Puff by GAN
Mangas Puff by GAN
(Image © GAN)
Mangas Largas by GAN
So many choices…
Mangas Largas by GAN
(Image © GAN)

This range ticks all my ‘design’ boxes. It’s fun. It’s practical. It’s a little quirky. I’m sure it will feel great under foot. If you’d like to learn more about the GAN Mangas range, check out their website here.

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Comments (28)

seriously gorgeous!

I am not surprised you think so, my textile loving blog-bud’! 🙂

Very nice, and I love the colours. 🙂

Me too, Mags. Sadly, LM isn’t feeling the love quite as much as me…

Lovely…I especially like color and look of a texture in number one…I would put it on my wall.
But then it is so hot over here I have trouble concentrating..he, he

YES! B – That’s exactly what I said to LM. It would look fab’ on our wall. Sadly, he’s not feeling the love as much as me… (sigh) Ah well, a girl can’t ALWAYS get her own way, can she?

These are pretty genius Syders. Love them! Perhaps for my bedside, when I get up in the morning (got timber floors) – very cute and like you say, quirk factor.

Ohhhh – wouldn’t they be lovely to step on in the morning. Yum!

Met Patricia last week at a trade show in Chicago – she is so amazing. The work her studio produces is extraordinary- and they only have five people on staff. I’ve seen this rug in person- it’s really nice.

Hey DT! Thanks for the heads up. I just love Patricia’s rugs…

Also- I saw a show house in NYC that integrated the rug as a headboard on a bed- very inventive!

I want the dog in the first picture. He seems like he might allow rugs to co-exist in his household without feeling the need to chew holes in them.

He does, doesn’t he…? Looks can be deceiving, as we well know though, WIM2S. He could be like Wonderbutt’s brother-from-another-mother…

Love these – they look so warm and snuggly. Surely LM would want your wall to be warm? Could it be kind of like insulation/art? I’m checking out the website now… 🙂

LOVE that idea Sparks. You have the best ideas… I wonder if LM would go for that?

I particularly like them in that uber cool setting, where their snuggliness is such a welcome, ‘homey’, contrast. Perhaps LM thinks your wells are ‘homey’ enough already? 🙂

Perhaps, WG. Then again, I think he is off buying a chair today… I may have to blog that story. It’s a good one.

It is an uber cool setting, isn’t it? Our home ain’t nearly as hip!

I bought the chair today, it replaces the one TSL gave away, but I won’t spoil a blog post with that story. Just saying it was black one (at least for a couple of years I thought it was black).

As for the rugs, all I can say is that life would be very boring if we all liked the same things and I’m afraid I just don’t see them on the wall. By the bed on a timber floor sounds quite right.

A new chair, eh? Interesting to hear how that panned out:)

Perhaps he needs to see them in person (or we could go, or to the Melbourne HUB and shazam it just appears on your wall/floor 🙂 I love them. Some look like a big sock for your house! warm and cosy. Must say I am lusting after one of the poufs. How cool would they be.

I dunno’, Missy K. He’s just not feeling the GAN love… 🙁

The puffs are just grand – can I have one for my birthday, you think? 🙂

I think that would make a perfect birthday present for you, Layyla 🙂

Gorgeous, you’re my personal shopper. Cheers

The Mangas Puff is my favourite, looks so soft and comfy and I’ve always loved the warmth and cosiness of knitted products. What a great find…again

You’ll have to fight my mate, Missy K over that one 2BDs! They are yummy, aren’t they?

These are beautiful!! I love how chunky they are. (I wouldnt mind keeping the dog in the first pic either)

Definitely like the comments better than the rugs or wall things or whatever they are, Lol, and guaranteed that dog would love to get one of those things alone, Bull terriers = hell on wheels.

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