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Healing Protocols: The Global Edition explores the many different approaches to building and sustaining vibrant health from across the globe. Each month, we bring you a new episode, as we explore the key tenets of good health from urban to rural communities, from people working 9 – 5 jobs, to others who lead a more traditional lifestyle, and more. Petra, Rory and I have been friends for years. The common thread that binds us together is our shared passion for health advocacy – which we aim to bring to each and every episode!


To learn more about Petra, check out her website at BiohackU and listen to her podcast interview.

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Dr Steven LinEpisode 15: Steven Lin is a board-registered dentist, writer, and speaker who practices dentistry in Sydney, Australia. Having discovered the work of Weston A Price, during a gap year in Europe, Steven immediately started incorporating Dr Price’s work into his own practice. In this episode, Dr Lin debunks popular myths about dental health, including on toothpaste and mouthwash, and shares advice how you can protect your family’s dental health.

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HPP 14: Jo Romero

Episode 14: Jo Romero started the Autoimmune Protocol four years ago, in the UK where the awareness of national healing for autoimmunity is still just emerging. She figured out how to make the protocol work, with limited access to ingredients, and she got her whole family on-board. Practicing gratitude and creativity enabled her to reverse psoriasis, depression and IBS as well as publish a series of popular AIP e-books, including one that was a recent finalist for the UK Paleo Awards.

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HPP - Episode 13

Episode 13: Kaye van der Straten shares how she went from being an active scientist and ocean researcher to a new mum who was unable to walk or care for her baby within a matter of months. Previously she had managed hypermobility due to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome by keeping her fitness level high and her weight low, but when she became pregnant her pelvis started collapsing and she developed Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

Kaye found her way back to health, and on the way started a thriving business that now supports her whole family.

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Healing Protocols_Eileen Laird

Episode 12: Eileen Laird shares her sweeping odyssey from diet drinks and fluffernutter sandwiches (yes – they are a thing!) to early adoption of the Autoimmune Protocol, her decision to take medication, and her eventual remission from Rheumatoid Arthritis. In this episode, Eileen is just as smart and engaging as she is on her popular blog and podcast, Phoenix Helix.

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Healing Protocols_Matthew Chambers Sinclair

Episode 11: Even though the personalized (n=1) experimentation method Matthew Chamber-Sinclair helped develop enabled him to heal significantly from disabling illness, he has a refreshingly unvarnished perspective on the healing process.

Matthew also shares what it was like to have Petra blogging about his symptoms as they experimented on him over the years.


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Healing Protocols_Sarah Ballantyne

Episode 10: Dr Sarah Ballantyne tells us how she used her fascination with science (i.e. geekiness!) to turn her Hashimotos, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, obesity, IBS and autoimmune skin conditions into a worldwide movement for healing autoimmune disease. She explains what is different about the paleo Autoimmune Protocol; and assures us that even though she experimented on herself relentlessly while she was developing it, she didn’t become a comic book super villain…

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Healing Protocols Vivek Mandan

Episode 9: Founder of Autoimmune Citizen Science, Vivek Mandan.

As well as being the founder of Autoimmune Citizen Science, a website for those with autoimmune disease to track personalized data to support their healing process, Vivek shares his own battle with autoimmune thyroid disease and the unconventional healing processes he has used to reclaim his health

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Healing Protocols Sally FallonEpisode 8: President of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Sally Fallon Morell.

Sally Fallon Morell reveals the challenges of taking on the low-fat nutritional dogma of the ’80s, ’90s and 2000s; and, how her family has thrived for decades on a full-fat diet.

Sally also speaks to her new book, Nourishing Fats, as well as the role of mindfulness in her health and wellbeing.

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Healing Protocols Terry WahlsEpisode 7: Dr Terry Wahls (terrywahls.com).

Dr Wahls gets real with us – offering new insights into her healing story, including how the extra time she spent with cadavers in medical school may have contributed to her illness; how full-contact free-sparring (with two men at a time!) taught her to triumph no matter what the odds; and how getting herself out of her tilt-recline wheelchair and back on her bike enabled her to hope again.

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Healing Protocols V Capaldi

Episode 6: V Capaldi, aka The Paleo Boss Lady.

Self-love, food and re-imagining cultural norms helped V to transform her life from almost complete disability to become the most healed person with Multiple Sclerosis currently known. The Paleo Boss Lady is a Wahls Warrior who is dedicating her life to helping people ‘tap into their miracle’.

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Healing Protocols Episode 5

Episode 5: Dora Siah, a Chinese Singaporean who blogs at Provincial Paleo, describes her experiences as she works to reverse Graves Disease with food and lifestyle, as well as how her high-stress lifestyle in Singapore may have contributed to her autoimmune disease.

She shares her best tips for how to make fresh Asian food from local ingredients (even if you find yourself in Quebec!) a part of your healing protocol lifestyle.

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Healing Protocols Episode 4Episode 4: Jay Vilar of Nourish DC joins us from Washington DC to share just how healing with food allows each of us to find and re-invigorate our life’s purpose. Jay talks candidly about how using food in both his life and his business to connect and heal.

As well as being a Nutritional Therapist, Jay is a seriously warm and engaging dude. He’ll make you want to fly to D.C. for a meal – it’s on MY bucket list!

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Healing Protocols Episode 3 Joanna Frankham

Episode 3: In this episode, I discuss how I suffered from chronic health issues that I kept secret for 20 years before starting my healing protocol lifestyle. Discover how I learned to manage Hidradenitis Suppurativa through nutritional therapy and lifestyle practices. Bonus! I spill the beans on how I cleaned up my colon, addressed my periodontal disease and learned to like myself in the process!

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Healing Protocols: Episode 2 Rory Linehan

Episode 2: In this episode, Healing Protocols: the global edition co-host Rory Linehan shares the story of his decline in health, which began in his late teens, and how through trial-and-error he gradually found the healing protocol lifestyle that enabled him to heal from debilitating brain fog, skin issues, abscesses and anxiety. 10 years on, he reveals his comprehensive health philosophy that enabled him to power through the dark days, transform his health and thrive.

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Healing Protocols Podcast Episode 1Episode 1: After 5 years’ commitment to a healing protocol lifestyle, Healing Protocols: the global edition co-host Petra Chambers-Sinclair discusses re-wiring her brain, having increased peak experiences and healing from adrenal fatigue, as well as the role of childhood trauma in her health issues. She offers compelling advice to people who are contemplating launching their own healing protocol.

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