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Pony Rider for Christmas…?

Pony Rider Wall Dot
Pony Rider Wall Dot
(Image from Pony Rider)

I like creating a set of rules because generally I’ll break them.(Kelly Searl of Pony Rider)

You gotta’ love a designer who creates rules simply so she can then break them, I think…

I have started thinking about Christmas. I know its only the beginning of November. Believe me, LM thinks I’m crazy (but then, he doesn’t like to plan beyond next week). Here’s the thing, though – I’m a Kiwi. And, I live in Australia. And, I take Christmas-pressie selection seriously. And, I need to factor in shipping times if I’m to order just the right gift from the northern hemisphere. And, I started seeing Christmas decorations in the middle of October, so that makes me positively tardy!

Anyhoo, all that means is I’ve started browsing some of my favourite online stores for Chrissie ideas. A surprisingly time-consuming process. And, one of those favourites is Sydney-based design label Pony Rider.

With a design ethos all about celebrating the beauty in the ordinary everyday things, the very talented designer (and co-founder) Kelly Searle, creates locally manufactured home-wares with a uniquely quirky bent. The hardest thing is picking a favourite.

Here’s a sampling of some of the pieces that particularly appeal…

Pony Rider Perfect Day Wall Banner
Pony Rider Perfect Day Wall Banner
In memory of Lou
(Image from Pony Rider)

I don’t like nostalgia unless it’s mine. (Lou Reed)

Pony Rider Gran's Recipe Wall Flag
Pony Rider Gran’s Recipe Wall Flag
Not a bad idea for a kitchen…?
(Image from Pony Rider)
Pony Rider Players Welcome Quilt - Queen
Pony Rider Players Welcome Quilt – Queen
(Image from Pony Rider)

And, with matching cushion…

Pony Rider Players Welcome Floor Cushion
Pony Rider Players Welcome Floor Cushion
(Image from Pony Rider)

And, mining the Players Welcome’ theme (because I kinda’ like it)…

Pony Rider Players Love Heart Teakin
Pony Rider Players Love Heart Teakin
A teakin is a hybrid size between a tea towel and a napkin!
(Image from Pony Rider)
Pony Rider Block Cary All Bag
Pony Rider Block Cary All Bag
A stylish wee number, don’t you think?
(Image from Pony Rider)

You can check out more of the great offerings at Pony Rider through the beautifully styled ‘collections‘ section of their website.

Pony Rider have a number of online and international stockists. They also have a shop facility through their own website. Check it out here.

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Comments (10)

Oh, I love the retro-zest! My pick? Gran’s Recipe Wall Flag! I wonder if they have other recipes. I’m off now to check out the site. I also LOVE the “Santa Free Drinks Here” sign. 🙂 AB-FAB colors! T.

I love Gran’s flag, too. Such a simple concept executed with style…

Love the quilt design and the oversized bag. Kx

Me too, K! I think there is a very clear ‘Pony Rider footprint’ – in the use of texture, colour and fabrics. I like it!

Perfect day is the one I like …

Fred, that surprises me not at all

I Love Pony Rider. the scone recipe flag is a little favourite. Your gift recipients have a very good little Santa! 🙂

Only if they’re extra nice to me, BCD

These are great – thanks for sharing, Santa! 🙂

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