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Rejoice in Marni at Salone del Mobile


I’m a wee bit of a fan of Marni, the Italian fashion label launched by Swiss-Italian fashion designer Consuelo Castiglioniin 1994. With furs, bold colors, unconventional art prints and designs, Marni has a quirk-factor and slightly off-beat feel that appeals.

Most recently, the fashion label has turned its collective hand to furniture design with a collection of 100 chairs made in Columbia by ex-prisoners.  This collection of one-off and highly collectable chairs was exhibited at Salone del Mobile in Milan.

The aim of the venture was to augment the prisoners’ resettlement into every-day life. The chairs are a common seat found in Columbian homes. The design was reinterpreted by Marni who modified the woven pattern and created new colour variations.

All proceeds from the chairs, which went on sale at the Marni pop-up in Milan last week, are going to the institute ICAM of Milan – a project which allows children of imprisoned mothers to spend their youth in a family environment.

The chairs are also linked to “L’Arte del Ritratto” (The Art of Portraiture), a photo exhibition and a video created in collaboration with photographer and filmmaker Francesco Jodice. The chairs are used as background for a series of portraits of Marni teams from different departments. After Milan’s Salone del Mobile, the exhibition will tour to various Marni boutiques worldwide where the local teams will also be photographed, so that the event will always feature new material.

If you want to watch a seriously stylish video featuring supremely fashion-forward Marni employees and some lovely time-lapse video footage with the 100 chairs AND you have 5 minutes to kill, click below:

Sadly, a wee jaunt to Milan and the Marni pop-up store last week was not on the cards for this blogger.  Maybe another time Marni?

(All images and video sourced from the Marni website here)

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Comments (27)

Hey FJ – thanks for stopping by. Great, aren’t they?

I love all the diffeent colours and designs very nice. 😀

Cheers Mags. I like the colours, too. 🙂

Great chairs – my favourite is the second last one. The opening of the video is very clever – subtle – and very stylish people I wish that I were working in the industry!

I felt the same way when I watched the vid’, C. Wow!

Fabulous art, concept, and cause! The chairs are very cool, and love the video! xo J!

It IS a great cause, isn’t it. A very cool brand, Marni. 🙂

I totally agree 🙂 Very cool – and fits your personality very well too!

I didn’t think I would read Marni and ex-prisoners in the same sentence, and see such an outcome. Great designs, smart move, and good on your for finding this gem. I am about to watch the video!

I know – and that’s kinda’ what makes it so special, don’t you think? Go Marni!

Let me know what you think about the vid’, Marina?

Loved the time lapse and the sounds! Especially the background music in the first minute.

I loved the time lapse and the music, too. Actually, I just loved it all 🙂

V cool… what a great initiative. 🙂

Isn’t it? One of those uber cool brands, me-thinks.

Love them! And good luck with that pitch to Marni – I’ll sign a petition if you start one! 🙂

Cheers Sparks – every little bit helps. Great having HR in my corner!!! 🙂

With your eclectic tastes, I wonder what the inside of your home looks like …… 🙂

Ha! My real home or my imaginary home, J? 🙂

Hey – did you get the recipe?

Yes, thank you so much! Sorry I did not reply but I’ve been on the road.

I will let you know before I post. My next step is to find the oxtails!

No probs, J. Just wanted to make sure it had arrived! 🙂

That furniture is just begging for some Wonderbutt revisions.

Ha! My Mum would agree. She and Wonderbutt could be partners in crime. She wasn’t a fan of the Marni chairs. 🙂

I LOVE these! Was going to post about them, but thought I might get into trouble with work… since they sent me to Milan. I was gutted as I had to fly home before the Marni party, but apparently the chairs weren’t even there! Would love to have seen them up close.

Swap ya’! You can come to Syders, and I’ll fly to Milan for the show!!! Yeah, Baby! 🙂

Am actually thinking of coming back to Sydney! Getting itchy feet being stuck here in the rain…!

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