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Ren Netherland Photographs Poodles in Drag…

Bella the poodle
Bella, the miniature poodle
(Image by TSL)

Love is the emotion that a woman feels always for a poodle and sometimes for a man. (George Jean Nathan)

Regular TSL readers will know about Bella, the miniature poodle. There’s a bit of a story about when I met LM. Bella was his dog, and frankly while I love dogs, I couldn’t imagine getting excited about, what was in my mind at the time, a slightly effeminate breed.

Oh, how wrong could a girl be…? I have fallen so hard for this poodle. I now cannot imagine life without her.

We all know that a dog can only have one master. Well, Bella has proven to be just the teensiest bit of a turn-coat, and has chosen me to be her master instead of LM. This may have something to do with the fact that I feed her every day… She is now very much my dog. You can even occasionally hear LM say, “I used to have a dog…”

Anyhoo, I am a poodle convert. Just love ’em.

I’m not so sure how Bella would feel all dressed up for a photograph session with pet photographer extraordinaire, Ren Netherland, tho’… Oh the indignity!

They’re not dogs [poodles], they’re art. (Rachel Leigh)

Pirate by Ren Netherland
Pirate Poodle taken by Ren Netherland
(Image © Ren Netherland)
Panda by Ren Netherland
Panda Poodle taken by Ren Netherland
(Image © Ren Netherland)
Camel by Ren Netherland
Camel Poodle taken by Ren Netherland
(Image © Ren Netherland)
Bison by Ren Netherland
Bison Poodle taken by Ren Netherland
(Image © Ren Netherland)
Pittsburgh Steeler by Ren Netherland
Pittsburgh Steeler Poodle taken by Ren Netherland
(Image © Ren Netherland)

I wonder if other dogs think poodles are members of a weird religious cult. (Rita Rudner)

According to his bio, Ren Netherland of Animal Photography is a highly sought after pet photographer. He travels the length and breadth of the States for eight months of every year in his mobile digital studio bus.

To be fair to Ren Netherland, he has many wonderful images of pets on his website (and these are not limited to poodles in drag, although there are more of these, too). If you’d like to see more, you can access his site here.

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Comments (32)

Great photos, but you do have to feel sorry for the poor old dog trying to get around in some of those outfits. 😀

Totally agree, Mags. SO undignified – and they’re poodles!

Whilst the Pittsburgh Steeler Poodle is wearing great colours I have to confess to finding your Bella the most attractive. She has a lively face and looks game for anything.
I used to agree with you about Poodles, they have a poor rap. Then of course I had my own personal experiences with them and that changed my thoughts too.
Now many of my close friends are poodles!

Zac – I’m quite sure that you and Bella would get along famously. She tends to ignore most dogs, but you have so many wonderful human-like qualities that I rather suspect she would make and exception in your case.

Wow. That Panda Poodle is one of the funniest images I’ve seen in a while. As is the Camel, although somehow that looks painful for the poor poodle. Keep Bella as she is, I say – no crazy outfits required! (Unless it’s a crocheted hat, of course.) 🙂

Bella has been declared a ‘pooch clothing free zone’, Sparks. I have friends who dress their pups in All Black and Wallaby jerseys at the appropriate game times, but… I just can’t. She’s a dog after all.

I didn’t realise Bella wasn’t your little pup – that’s a great story 🙂 Can you imagine her in a Bulldogs get up a la the last image?!

She’s my pup now, M!

And, noooooooooooooooo – I can’t imagine her in a Bulldogs get up. I might consider an All Blacks outfit if (and that’s a BIG if) I were to consider an outfit at all. I feel I should mention that she was born in Queensland.

I definitely love your Bella’s picture the best!

Me too (and I’m not at all biased!)

You have the cutest dog ever…

Thanks Barbara. She is pretty irresistible!

I always said I would never dress-up a dog. It all began with a hula skirt complete with coconut bra and lei from Hawaii. Well a souvenir ruler or bobble-head Obama just wouldn’t be useful to a dog! Needless to say our Bella (aka Dorrie Evans) now has a variety of costumes but her all time fave is a cerise cable-knit. It is soo her colour. Cheers

Can I please see a pic of Bella in her cerise cable-knit…? p l e a s e

Here is Bella – nota good photo of the cable knit but hope this works for you.

Sue – Bella wasn’t there when I clicked on the link. Appreciate the effort you went to, tho’!

OMG where do you find these things??? I can’t even decide which I like best- all great.

Poor wee poodles! Reminds me of when my sister and used to dress up my brother when he was about 3…

Have finally found Internet connection! And first post I see is this! love them especially the panda! Have to agree re poodles, but can see how Bella changed your mind, definitely the cutest and very glad you decline from dress up!

Missing you in the blogosphere, BCD. It’s just not quite the same without you.

Can’t wait to read about all your fab’ finds when you get back.

I am missing the blogosphere and you guys too Will have lots to write about when get back so hopefully will be worth the wait!

Umm, interesting….., having said that I do have a sewing pattern for a dog coat and a matching rain coat for its master. Perfect for walking in the rain…..and not at all drag.

How very diplomatic of you, C!

Bella is adorable, and your affection for her is so very evident! How lucky for you to ‘happen’ upon such a great companion! 🙂

I am lucky, S. And, not just because of lovely Bella.

I know…you SURE are! 😉

What a sweet cutie pie!! I’m in love with Bella. She is so photogenic! I love the expression you captured. T. (When I worked at the Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, we organized an annual pet parade. It was one our most popular events!)

She is a cutie, T (except 1st thing in the morning when she comes to say hello and tries a french kiss… blech!)

I drafted a comment for this but lost connection before…

Bella is such a cutie, also poodles are the 2nd smartest dogs after the border collie! I like your story about falling for Bella, cos I too fell for with a 5lb male teacup yorkie that didn’t convince me much when I first met him through my bf-then-now-husband.

He ‘inherited it’ from a split with an ex gf, who had a female version. I had a Westie and felt any smaller dog didn’t make much of a dog. But they’ve since become inseparable, we got lucky because we also know not all dogs get along, just like humans. He looks like a ‘handbag’ dog but we never treat him like one. He fetches and waits and stays and gets cuddles only when we allow him to. My Westie keeps him in his place as well.

So I’ve concluded from your story as well that a) the connection between a human and a dog is so wonderful when we least expect it, 2) dogs are amazing creatures no matter what breed and 3) a man’s sexual persuasion cannot be judged by the type of dog he has. 😉

Hey LXAX – THAT was an epistle of a comment. You surely take the TSL prize for the looooongest comment on a post. Cheers, Possum! Much appreciated 🙂

I love Westies. True – I love all dogs, but I have a very good friend in a Westie named ‘Mollie Peaches’. I don’t see her that often, because she’s a Kiwi Westie (Is that even possible?). I like the sound of your wee Yorkie, too.

I agree with all the conclusions you drew from the post. You did express it so much better than me, though!

Have a great weekend. Winter sun is shining down here. Yahhoooo!

The things we do to dogs, how indignant they must feel 🙂

Bella is such a cutie, how could you not fall in love with a face like that? I know what you mean though, I have my favourites when it comes to breeds but I have learned that my heart is big enough to love all the dogs I meet and they make me so very happy.

I had wanted (in my heart of hearts) a brindle Staffie – which I know you understand, but Bella is the one for me now. You just can’t judge a dog on looks alone!!!

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