Turn Your New Year’s Resolutions Into Goals That Stick

Resolutions That Stick
I’m interupting your holiday shenanigans to let you know about a guest post I have over at The Paleo Mom‘s place. It’s dedicated to showing you How to Turn Your New Year’s Resolutions Into Goals That Stick.

I’m sharing my easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy four-point plan for making #bloodyfabulous resolutions that last beyond January. It’s the actual process I use to bed down my personal goals for the coming year. It includes my all-time favourite 3 questions, some goals setting techniques and a couple of tips on getting them very sticky…

If I’m being very honest honest with you, I’m not the world’s biggest fan of New Year’s resolutions. All those great, big, hairy audacious intentions that – for me, at least – seem to fall by the wayside pretty quickly. Interestingly, when I informally polled my AIP Mentorship crew, it turns out I’m not alone in this ambivalence towards New Year’s resolutions.

Where do you stand on this matter, I wonder?

But, while I can take or leave the idea of resolutions,  I do love me a good goal. Something with teeth. Something that really resonates. Something deeply meaningful to me.

So that’s what I’m talking about over at Sarah Ballantyne’s The Paleo Mom… How NOT to Lose Your Resolution Mojo.

*Spoiler alert – a big part of this is applying some rigor to your resolution-setting process and turning those resolutions into goals that stick

And, for me, this includes kicking things off with an AIP Reset in February. To make ’em REALLY sticky!

I’d love you to head over to The Paleo Mom for my pointers on bedding down your New Year’s resolutions that stick (and, if you’re thinking about joining us in February, there’s a special ‘The Paleo Mom’ AIP Reset discount, too! I’d love to see you.)

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