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Retro Revival Furniture is Really Rad’…


Taihape, New Zealand is famous for being the Gumboot Capital of the world. Truly. In March this year, a new Men’s Open Gumboot Throwing New Zealand record was set by Niki Martin, throwing his gumboot 44.97m! Strange but true!

Taihape is also the home of Revival Furniture, a delightful wee find of so-kitsch-it’s-cool Kiwiana.  The team at Revival Furniture re-cycle, re-furbish and re-love old chairs by re-upholstering them in New Zealand-made vintage wool blankets.

This lovely concept is the brain child of Elizabeth Cottrell, an adopted Kiwi. She has combined her childhood love of trawling garage sales in her balmy home town of Atlanta, Georgia, with a more recent love for New Zealand wool, developed after moving to the much colder climate of high country New Zealand to marry her Kiwi sheep farmer husband. I reckon’ that’s a lovely story.  

Here are some of her lovely chairs:

Image of Revival Furniture Turquoise Chair
'Turquoise Taihape'
Image of Revival Furniture Orange Chair
Image of Revival Furniture 3 Seater
'Three's a Crowd'
Image of Revival Furniture Cranberry Chair
'Cranberry Cocktail'
Image of Revival Furniture Chair
'Cute as a Button'

Now, if I could just work out where to put such a retro beauty…

For contact information or just to check out some more really rad’ retro chairs, click here.

(All images sourced from Revival Furniture)

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Comments (21)

I love the 1st chair! Super cute 🙂

I grew up with that campground chair. Who EVER would have thought they’d come back.

Happens with alarming regularity, J!

Love them! Though I’m not sure that I even have space for that lovely ‘Cute as a Button’, so I should probably stop looking at ‘Three’s a Crowd’… They are just too cool! Or, like, totally rad.

I liked ‘Three’s a Crowd’, too! Great minds and all that, EDS… 🙂

The Little Sister

I suspect that if there was no room for LM’s lazy boy (irrespective of how horrible and bachelorish it was) it would be a rather large double standard for you to find room for a “so kitsch its cute” chair even if it was very very cute!!!

Humph! Who’s side are you on?

I totally want the first chair. Alas, Wonderbutt would reduce it to firewood in a matter of hours.

Ah yes – Wonderbutt would have a field day with ‘Turquoise Taihape’ (try say that after one too many!)

what beautiful products to come out of a love story! Love that! The first is pretty cool.

The general consensus seems to be that the first one is the favourite!

I could just curl up on one of those right now with a nanna rug and a cuppa! So cute

You’re right – itthey do evoke that sort of sentiment, don’t they? 🙂

Don’t like these much at all, not my style, I was well and truly around when these were in nearly every home, and I’m happy for the new generation that likes the look, but I have lived with these type of chairs and I will never go back to them. 🙂

Mags – it’s a good thing that we are all different and like different things! My Dad feels the same way you do about these chairs! 🙂

It would be a very dull world if we all liked the same things. 😀

These chairs are actually (just a little) bad ass…totally love it!! 🙂 xo

Not sure hummus had hit New Zealand when these chairs were first put on the market…! 🙂

Brilliant! Upcycling at its best! Personally I love the last 2 chairs.

I’m not surprised these appeal to you, my surface designing (not to mention sustainable!) friend. 🙂

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