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Richard Weston – an Unlikely Fashion Designer

Richard Weston
The man behind Weston Scarves

Last year we watched a fabulous series on the goggle-box – ‘Britain’s Next Big Thing’. If you didn’t see it, it featured three of Britain’s retail giants asking members of the public to supply them with the next bestselling product by allowing unknown designers and producers to pitch directly to the retail industry’s power-brokers and have the opportunity to get their product stocked in prestigious shops. One of the retail giants was Liberty of London – one of my all-time favourite places to shop. It was compelling viewing for a wee arts and crafts hunter-gatherer like me!

There were some amazing designers, but my favourite was the unexpected and delightfully quirky Professor Richard Weston, a Professor of Architecture who creates his stunning and unique scarves from high quality scans of precious stones and fossils. He was so passionate about his unusual product – it was a joy to watch.

I’m a wee bit of a scarf collector but I don’t (yet) have one of these beauties. The Weston Silk scarves are each unique pieces inspired by the forms, patterns and colours found in nature. Richard Weston’s collection of luscious silk scarves are handcrafted and then printed on the banks of Lake Como with his unique mineral, stone and fossil designs.

Have a look and see what you think…

Image of Elestial Quartz Weston Silk Scarf (Draped)

Image of Elestial Quartz Weston Silk Scarf
Elestial Quartz Silk Scarf - 138cm x 138cm
(available from Everything Begins)

Image of Mexican Smoky Fluorite Scarf

Image of Mexican Smoky Fluorite Silk Scarf
Mexican "Smoky" Fluorite Scarf - 138cm x 138cm
(available from Everything Begins)

Image of Weston Fluorite Silk Scarf

Image of Fluorite Silk Scarf
Fluorite Silk Scarf - 138cm x 138cm
(available from Everything Begins)

Weston Scarves are available from Liberty (here) or Everything Begins has a selection (here).

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Comments (24)

Wow! I like those, tie dye hippy style is the way to go. I really wanted to watch that programme and completely missed it!

BCD – I think for you, it is well worth getting the DVD (if such thing exists) of the series. It was fascinating watching the process of pitching to production – particularly for these small artisans who suddenly had to produce on a large scale.

I will see if I can hunt it down

Those scarves are gorgeous, but I might have to settle for one of his iPhone cases instead; they are closer to my price range!

Yes – rather pricey, aren’t they? I looked at the iPhone cases too…

…but, Mothers Day is fast approaching, WIM2S. The Cap’n & Dimples could rally together for such an AWESOME woman, perhaps? Just putting it out there…

Very nice, I love the way he has blended the colours through the scarves, and all the colours go so well together, an item that can be worn with any outfit. 🙂

Nature again, Mags. 🙂

I really do love that last one. It looks like a sheet of coloured and cracked frozen-over water.

Isn’t it such and amazing concept? And, he is the most unlikely guy to have developed this into a fashion piece – but at the same time so passionate about his product. Its such a lovely story. 🙂

They are beautiful and that show sounds fab. Even that pic of the designer adds a quirky touch. Great find!

Thanks Sparks – I reckon’ Professor Weston definitely qualifies as quirky!

I remember watching that programme – and wondering if any of the products would ‘fly’, these scarves were definately one of the stand out items as was their maker!

Greetings Mage & Raven! Welcome! I thought it was a wonderful series and he was just lovely in his kooky passionate way. 🙂

Wow! Beloved loves scarves, she’d like one of these. She’d favour the Elestail Quartz.

Zac – I suspect Beloved & I would get on well! 🙂

How strange & wonderful that he thought of printing these onto scarves! I wonder how many people mistake them for tie-dyes..

I suspect quite a few, Soopa’. And, then they miss the natural beauty of what Professor Weston has created, don’t you think?

Wonderful patterns on some of those scarves.

Hi Lady Fi – they are fab’ aren’t they? A wonderful way to express some of nature’s marvels.

Wow!!! Loving the colours in those scarves…gorgeous. love your blog – keep it up! nix x

I’ve a bit of a problem with scarves too…..that is I love them! I’ve had to put a large amount away as I can’t wade through them all – these are gorgeous!

Professor Weston is definitely quirky and so passionate – the series was lovely to watch. 🙂

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