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I Love my Rosenthal Paperbag Vase…


Image of Rosenthal Paper Bag Vase

Years ago, my Dad gave my Mum a Rosenthal Paperbag Vase. She then gave it to me for my birthday one year because she knew how much I loved it. I still do. Looking at it makes me happy. It’s a little whimsical. It’s a little charming. It’s stronger than it looks (and has moved countries with me).  I think of my Mum when I look at it. And, given my incredibly bad flower arranging skills, the hapless way flowers fall in this vase (and still look good!) – it is perfect for me.

Image of 2 Rosenthal Paper Bag Vases
Image from here

The porcelain Paperbag vase was created by Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala for Rosenthal in 1977.  Today the Paperbag is one of the best-selling articles in Rosenthal’s collection. It reflects Wirkkala’s ability to find a little poetry in everyday life and, at the same, provide an amusing nod to the 1960s Pop Art movement.

Clearly, I am not the only one who loves their Paperbag vase.  Some have become almost obsessive about collecting them…

Image of Paper Bag Vase Collection
Not sure I need quite so many!
Image from here

If you decide life would be better with a Rosenthal Paperbag vase, you can order one (or more!) online from the Finnish Design Shop and it will even be delivered to your door!

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Comments (26)

i love this vase idea. Created a year before I was born – genius 😉 Great gift idea and it’s so nice of your mum to pass the vase along to you 🙂

You spring chicken, you! 🙂

I have a fab’ Mum (and Dad!)

parents are the best! I spoke to my ma and pa in Oz yesterday… i need to plan a trip back to Sydney, STAT! I miss them!

More amazing photos. How do you have time to do so many of these great posts?

Only the top pic was mine, J! Bless you 🙂

Beautiful! Those scandinavian, they are so …ooh..I don’t know, clever! Maybe it’s the crisp air that tightens the blood vessels in their designer brains. That has made me want to shop for the perfect paper bag flowers. Oh god, just had a thought-big bushy herbs- it must be getting colder. Not fair Sydney, I was going to paint today. Guess I’ll have to paint later. xo

It IS getting colder. I keep reading these Northern Hemisphere blogs and getting confused…

Totally agree with your Scandinavian theory. Alternatively, it could be all the pickled fish? 🙂

I have never heard of these before, a very clever idea, and how lucky you are to still have your Mum’s vase.

I am, Mags. Do you have anything of your Mum’s that you love?

Yes I have a few small things that she treasured, I keep them in a side cabinet behind glass and now of course I treasure them as well. 😀

Never heard of this paper bag vase…like it though!

It’s a wee bit of an icon, Bridget. Pretty cool, huh?

The Little Sister

Blister – great post!

Such a wonderful post, really lovely to see something which has a special story attached 🙂

Aww – thanks BCD. My Mum is coming to visit from NZ today – she’s on my mind. 🙂

Enjoy, at least the sun is out for her arrival!

Very unique and whimsical indeed! Love your hydrangeas!

Thanks for noticing my artistic flair, S! 🙂

I have seen these before and always wanted one. Unfortunately, our house is overflowing with vases that have no flowers in them. I can’t justify getting one more!

I hear you, Sister. This one kinda’ has special meaning for me (despite my complete ineptitude at flower arranging)

What fun! I’ve not seen these before. We’re short of vases and live in a right old mess so these would fit in just fine :0)

Hi R – thanks for popping in! These are the perfect vases for a less-than-perfectly-well-kept house. Trust me, I know! 🙂

wow! my grandparents had this wonderful vase, and i think it now resides with my parents. i was scolded often as a child by grandma because i could not keep my hands off of it. my grandfather collected many unique and lovely pieces. anyway, thanks for the fun memory!

Sky Blue – that is a great comment! Very happy you have a fun memory associated with a vase that has given me many happy memories. Cheers from me 🙂

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