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Saturday’s Peonies…

Peonies from Jo McGregor Florist
Peonies from Jodie McGregor Flowers
(Image by TSL)

Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them. (A.A. Milne)

Peonies from Jodie McGregor Flowers
Peonies from Jodie McGregor Flowers
(Image by TSL)

Jodie McGregor Flowers and LM – what a team!

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I love the oak leaves and baby acorns!

WG, well spotted! Bought flowers for a friend in London and they were arranged with a whole range of fresh herbs. The smell was incredible. What a great idea, huh?

It is, TSL – and I can imagine how pretty those English arrangements must have been.

Interestingly, Alison Coates and Jenny Slatyer were doing similar things with aromatics at their groundbreaking Paddington ‘studios’ (I can hardly call them florist’s shops!) back in the 80s and 90s. Were you there then?

I was not in Syders then. Auckland and London.

Heady days to have been in London!

Sharon Lewandowski

Tell LM if Jodie is ever closed or unavailable at any time to drop by Norton St flowers, Penni’s flowers are amazing too!

I shall remember that, S. Cheers!

PS – have passed that on to LM 🙂

I have peonie roses blooming in a vase right beside me. They are one of my favourite flowers. Lovely.

Mine, too. Such great taste we share, K!

Gorgeous blooms, such vibrant and happy colours 🙂

Aren’t they? Had to post them for that reason alone!

One of my faves TSL…. love them, and if LM wants to send some my way, always happy to receive!! 😉 Hope you are having a fun weekend

I’m with you (AGAIN), BCD. One of my favourite flowers and LM is very good about indulging me.

I love peonies but with so much wind and rain in the UK, they shed their petals far too quickly

I think the fact that the season for peonies is so short makes them extra special, Crazy

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