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What People Are Saying About AIP Reset

What people are saying about AIP Reset

Last week, I explained just why I continue to love AIP Reset so much. This week, I’m sharing feedback from some of the most recent AIP Reset alumni; resetters from the July program. I’d love you to have a read.

More than anything, these testimonials speak to both the power and importance of connection and support for those within this autoimmune community; the opportunity to sit with others who say, “Oh! You, too! – I thought I was the only one…” 

AIP Reset is all about spending 30-days recalibrating your AIP efforts back to basics. Along with a private Facebook group where we work together to set goals and build support, there are daily live videos where we ‘deep dive’ into different aspects of the Autoimmune Protocol. But, it is more than that. Thanks to the wonderful participants, AIP Reset is definitely greater than the sum of it’s parts. 

Don’t just take my word for it, though. Here’s what people who’ve experienced it are saying about AIP Reset…

What Tanya from Victoria says about her AIP Reset experience:-

“My first realisation in the group was – oh! I have been really isolated in my ‘healing caper’…and then, HOW GOOD is this solidarity and support?! I have been muddling my way along, educating myself, arming myself with resources, trying new recipes and going it alone for more than a decade. As a small example of the support, I posted a photo of some new recipe I’d tried and found I had a brand new cheer squad, my AIP buddies were so very encouraging – that was delightful and refreshing.

The next thing I noticed was that for a community of people with multiple chronic illnesses to manage, this was a decidedly positive, upbeat and hopeful place to hang out – but not in a ‘fake cheerful’ way, in a very kind, generous, authentic way – to which I credit Jo’s wonderful leadership skills, full of compassion and empathy mixed with problem solver/’get shit done’ lady. Jo constantly compelled us to be curious, to make the link between our choices (food, lifestyle) and their outcomes (using her favourite tool the food and mood journal, a practice which I have a way to go before reaching mastery!). It’s amazing how having an objective voice saying ‘how’s that working out for you?!’ can prompt you to see things in a different light!

I have made changes that have continued beyond the timeframe of the group. Jo is all about finding a way to make it work FOR YOU, which is going to look different for all of us, because we are all different. And in this group, Jo created space for us to be seen and heard and, well, to just be who we are. That was such a welcome and restful place.

I appreciated the focus on all aspects of the AIP lifestyle, not just the diet. Jo was very responsive to the needs and interests of the group. With her extensive knowledge and experience, we really did cover lots of ground! It really was a month of wellness, connection, learning, setting myself up and I couldn’t recommend it more highly.”

What Dee from East Sussex says about her AIP Reset experience:-

“This programme is an absolute joy and delivered so much more than I expected.

 I’ve expanded my learning about not just diet but so many other aspects of lifestyle that underpin AIP, health and wellbeing.

Jo is warm, friendly, professional, knowledgeable, inspirational, encouraging, empathic… everything you could hope for in a health coach. Her energy is extraordinary and she puts her all into making the programme lively and active. Her daily live videos – yes every single day!!! – are informative, light-hearted and tailored to the group and it’s member’s needs and interests.

Saying AIP Reset

Jo’s caring enthusiasm and good humour generates a vital response within the group, which makes it feel more like a supportive family than is usual with a FaceBook group of people I don’t already know! We’ve laughed and cried together, celebrated and commiserated. We’ve learned with and from each other and I look forward to continuing this camaraderie and sharing in the AIP Reset Alumni group.

In one month I’ve gained valuable knowledge and experience in three areas that were particularly challenging for me. I now understand more about my own sleep patterns and how to improve them. I’m going out for a walk every morning and I’m so much more relaxed about meal planning, shopping and food prep than I was before this Reset. I’ve gained a new confidence in these areas that has not only improved them but also had the knock-on effect of reducing stress in general.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my AIP experience and will certainly be signing up for more!”

What Justine from New South Wales says about her AIP Reset experience:-

“My AIP Reset experience was everything I wanted and so much more!

I signed up for the group wanting to get myself back onto the AIP food part of the protocol and to be 100% compliant.  I also knew that I was feeling really isolated and alone in my AIP journey (other than a super supportive husband, who understands a lot but still doesn’t fully get it). I was looking for some community and others in the same boat that know what this is like, who have walked the walk, and have so much wisdom to share because of that.

I certainly got all that. What a great community experience!  The tips and ideas, for food and lifestyle choices, that I have been able to add to my arsenal has been worth every cent spent on joining up for the month.  I feel like I have the strength to tackle each and every month into the future with a much better framework and mindset.

Jo’s daily videos based, on information that she wanted to share, but also on questions that our group had, made it so personal and relevant to where we were all at and her generosity in sharing information that she has tried and tested was priceless.

All I can say is a very big thank you for AIP Reset!  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and am thrilled to continue in some way in the AIP Reset Alumni Group and may just be back for another reset down the track…

Many thanks.”

What ‘B’ from North Carolina says about her AIP Reset experience:-

“Jo has a gifted way of guiding the AIP Reset though her genuine spirit and engaging nature. I am truly grateful for the live discussions, thought-provoking questions and information that is provided during the thirty days. I think Jo’s program is an essential part of the autoimmune healing process and not only does she help me to reset my diet, she puts me on a wonderful path mentally as well.”

What Tanya from New South Wales says about her AIP Reset experience:-

“More often than not, when diagnosed with an Autoimmune disease, you are shown the way forward with meds and supplements and diet – if you are lucky – by a specialist doctor, functional medicine practitioner or naturopath. That’s all very good and important, but you need more. You need love, support, a sense of humour, the right diet and most of all, you need lifestyle changes. This can be difficult, even if you have been on the path to healing for many years. In my case twenty!

And this is where Jo saved me.

Having just spent the past month with Jo in her AIP Reset program, I have come out the other side, heading back to the happy, loving life person I used to be!

I didn’t realise that the program offered assistance with lifestyle issues such as sleep, remembering gratitude, EMF’s, goal setting, ‘busy-ness’, personal values, resilience, oral health, reflection, happy places! These are just some of the topics which when you get down and think hard about it (or reflect on it!) are very important in leading a happy, healthy and positive life!

Saying AIP Reset

For me, knowing how completely overwhelmed I have been feeling for too long – trying to keep down a job which takes me away from my home for a minimum of twelve hours a day, keep up with the cooking of each meal from scratch, keeping my home clean, and look after three dogs – I was passed burn out stage. Through Jo’s program, I’ve learnt to pace myself, take time out for myself and slow it down (yes, I took a lot away from the ‘busy-ness’ topic!)

Jo’s wonderful grasp on what is needed to lead a healthy, happy and ‘real’ life… one where you don’t feel like you are living on the outside; wondering if anything is worth the pain of waking each day, made me realise I can do this and also that I’m not alone.

The women I met through the program were all so amazing. Obviously, each with their own Autoimmune issues, each experiencing similar difficulties but all ready to learn new ways (or be reminded of forgotten ones) where they can move forward with the support of each other, and Jo’s guidance and wisdom.

I cannot recommend Joanna Frankham Coaching enough. My naturopath can heal me with supplements and what to eat and not eat. But, she cannot provide me with the information that Joanna Frankham can to lead a happy life through this caper of autoimmune disease.

From the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful for the day I came across Jo. I cannot wait to join the next AIP Reset program in September.”

*My sincere thanks to the participants of the AIP Reset program for making the July program one to remember!

If you would like to connect with fellow AIPers and learn ways you can add more sustainable nutrient-dense habits to your healing caper; to find out how to successfully personalise AIP to fit your life; to meet others from around the globe like you who are in a similar place, I invite you to join us for the NEXT AIP Reset

What people are saying about AIP Reset

I look forward to seeing you in AIP Reset!


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