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Sculpture by the Sea 2013 – Horizon by Lucy Humphrey

Horizon by Lucy Humphrey
‘Horizon’ by Lucy Humphrey
Sculpture by the Sea 2013
(Image by TSL)

An artist’s sphere of influence is the world. (Carl Maria von Weber)

LM and I rose with the birds yesterday for our annual trip to the always fabulous Sculpture by the Sea. We look forward to it every year – the location along Sydney’s Bondi to Tamarama coastline is stunning, and the free event makes art accessible to everyone in such a wonderful way. This year, we were not disappointed.

After days of sunshine and hot weather, yesterday dawned overcast and moody. Good day for walking the coast line checking out the art work…

Every year, there are one or two stand out pieces. Sculptures that strike a chord with seemingly everyone. This year, that piece was Lucy Humphrey’s ‘Horizon’.

'Horizon' by Jennifer Humphrey
‘Horizon’ by Lucy Humphrey
Sculpture by the Sea 2013
(Image by TSL)

A large acrylic sphere filled with water, and on a steel, timber and masonry base, ‘Horizon’ reinterprets the surrounding view when seen through the liquid within the perspex.

The artist’s statement reads: “Horizon is a site-specific sculpture that celebrates the surrounding natural environment. Using water as a sculptural material, the work will temporarily transform the viewer’s experience of the site, as a monument to the coastal landscape and the constant line of the horizon.”

And, ‘Horizon’ does celebrate the surrounding environment. Even at the early hour that LM and I were there, people seemed transfixed by Lucy Humphrey’s work. I know I fell in love with it… What do you think?

Horizon by Lucy Humphrey Horizon by Lucy Humphrey

'Horizon' by Jennifer Humphrey
‘Horizon’ by Lucy Humphrey
Sculpture by the Sea 2013
(Images by TSL)

Lucy Humphrey is a Sydney-based architect and artist. She is the founder of Lucy Humphrey Studio and cofounder (with Claire McCaughan) of Archrival, a non-profit organisation that aims to unite the creative community through different projects.

The Sculpture by the Sea exhibition runs from 24 October – 10 November 2013. Do get along to see it if you are in Sydney.

More on Sculpture by the Sea tomorrow…

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Comments (18)

All the time I’ve spent and visited Sydney, I’m never around for Sculpture by the Sea. How your post makes me long to be back in Sydney now! That coastline is very unique, and one I know well, after having spent some time “lingering around” North Bondi. I love the “distorted” view through the sphere, and how from a distance, the blue sphere is a “reflection” of how astronauts and spacecraft view our very own planet: a blue dot in the universe.

Hey Foto – What a lovely comment. Cheers!

It is a beautiful part of the world. Every time I do that coastal walk I feel lucky to be in Sydney.

Horizon is such a beautiful piece, not least because we human beings have a strange affinity for circular objects.

LOADS more images tomorrow!

I too, love it. Magical and spiritual. How long does the sculpture remain on the walkway?

Hi K – it will be on show until Sunday, 10 November. There’s still time to hop on a plane…

Ohh, I would love to pop over. But, we are always so very busy, although Queenstown with friends next wend. Definitely next year, you may have to remind me. Is it end of October, beginning of November every year? Love the new post today too. It all just looks spectacular. And, that coastline of beautiful Sydney yet again, has my hackles up to move there! Kx

My folks are in Wanaka this weekend, K. GORGEOUS part of the world.

The exhibition is always around this time of year. Hard to beat the Sydney weather… 🙂

Wow, I will no doubt be cramming this one in on the last day as always ( one day I will get there at the beginning!), my favourite short term gallery in Sydney. Hopefully none were hit by the nice winds and rain we had this week!

I rather suspect they were, BCD. Never fear, though – the weather is back on track for your visit!

I loved this piece too Syd. Another great year!

Wasn’t it? Some great pieces.

A really wonderful concept and execution. Thanks for including the photograph taken further away, once you realize the scale of the piece it makes it even more mesmerizing!

That LM has his moments, DW. It was his idea. 🙂

I’ve never yet managed to see Sculture By The Sea for myself, as we usually head Down Under towards the end of November – but one of these years …….

Always love your photos – and this one is a showstopper, isn’t it?

Thanks for sharing 🙂

Bless your cotton socks. Cheers!

It is well worth a look0see. Truly one of my favourite things to do in Sydney.

My favourite piece, it is in the perfect position and looking at it from all angles makes for fascinating viewing. Great photographs!

I think it is a favourite for many, 2BD. Just a perfect marriage between art and the environment.

Thanks for the write up! I’m very glad you enjoyed the work – it was a very challenging but rewarding piece to produce and I’m really delighted to share it with everyone. Just one small request – could you please amend the image credits “Jennifer Humphrey”? Thanks!

Lucy – How embarrassing! Apologies. All fixed up now. (I don’t even know a Jennifer, so a definite brain-fart on my part.)

I think your ‘Horizon’ work is fabulous. Thank you for sharing.

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