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Sculpture by the Sea – Bondi 2014

TSL Sculpture by the Sea
‘Wind Stone the Threshold of Consciousness’ by Koichi Ishino
(Image by TSL)

If you’re new to Sculpture by the Sea – it’s well worth a look-see if you’re visiting Sydney. It’s held every October/November along the gorgeous Bondi – Tamarama coastal walk. The natural beauty of the coastline is majestic in itself, but then with the addition of large-scale pieces of sculptural art – just wow!

Small admission: LM took me to Sculpture by the Sea on our first ever date together. It was a scorching hot Sydney day. The kind that we’ve been experiencing again lately. Temperatures well into the 30’s (that’s 90’s if you think in fahrenheit!) 

We now go every year together. It has become one of our ‘traditions’. And, of course the fluff-bucket joins us, too. It would feel really weird not to go.

We get up early and go before the crowds arrive. I’m not so great with crowds.

And, just in case you’re wondering how this post fits in with my autoimmune protocol regime, well – it slots right in there under managing stress, protecting my circadian rhythms, getting low-intensity activity AND improving my environment! Checking out the annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition makes me happy.

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another. (William James)

So, this year, LM took all the photos. He’s so much more patient than I about the increasing numbers of people who have the same idea as us – get up early to beat the crowds.

And so, without further ado, the annual TSL Sculpture by the Sea photo montage:

TSL Big Man
‘Big Man’ by Will Maggiore
Hot forged steel
TSL Currawong
‘Currawong’ by Lou Lambert
Hard woods, wire, rope, copper

TSL Crossing the Sky By Boat

TSL Crossing the Sky By Boat
Two Perspectives on ‘Crossing the Sky by Boat’ by Peter Tilley
Cast iron, corten Steel

A little perspective, like a little humour, goes a long way. (Allen Klein)

TSL Sentinels
‘Sentinels’ by Julie Donnelly
TSL Save Our Souls
‘Save Our Souls’ by Cave Urban
Bamboo, steel, rope, concrete, LED lights
TSL Ring + Permanent Sunrise
Foreground: ‘Ring’ by Peter Lundberg
Cast bronze
Background: ‘Permanent Sunrise’ by Alejandro Propato
Steel pipes, nylon wire, steel wire
TSL Ornithopter
‘Ornithopter’ by Sam Deal
Found objects, recycled material
TSL Sisyphus
‘Sisyphus’ by George Andric
316 grade stainless steel
TSL The Figure in the Landscape
‘The Figure in the Landscape’ by John Petrie
TSL Men Playing with Birds
‘Men Playing with Birds’ by Wang Shugang
Painted bronze
TSL Gift of the Rhinoceros
‘Gift of the Rhinoceros’ by Mikaela Castledine
Polypropylene fibre, aluminium
TSL Headrest
‘Headrest’ by Michael Le Grand
Painted Steel
TSL Evidence Based Research - Crossing the Line
‘Evidence Based Research – Crossing the Line’ by Julie Collins & Derek John
Timber, Steel, Industrial polyurethane
TSL Breaching
‘Breaching’ by Michael Greve
Redgum, spotted gum
TSL The Wanderer
‘The Wanderer’ by Sean Henry
Bronze, exterior paint
TSL House of Mirrors
‘House of Mirrors’ by Neon
Mirror, plywood, gabion cages
TSL Look Who's Here
‘Look who’s here’ by Janaki Lele
Paper mach, sand, exterior varnish
TSL M.140901
‘M.140901’ by Toshio Iezumi
Float glass
TSL Wind Stone the Threshold of Consciousness'
‘Wind Stone the Threshold of Consciousness’ by Koichi Ishino
Marine grade stainless steel, granite
TSL Wine Talk
‘Wine Talk’ by Richard Tipping
Reflective tape on aluminium, galvanised steel poles
(All images by TSL)

The eighteenth annual exhibition of Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi runs until the 9 November. It’s free. And, highly recommended!


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Comments (16)

An excellent post. You must repeat at Sculptures in the Gulf.

Not all the wonderful photography of LM and TSL have reproduced completely in the post.


Thanks ANF!

Would love to see Sculptures in the Gulf…

Ohhhhh my favourite walk…. I think I am going to have to grab the baby carrier and do it….. It runs until next weekend right? Great photos btw :-)……
You made the ring call going earlier, I think the heat would have been a killer this weekend!

Hey BCD – have you recovered from last week’s episode, my friend?

It is a gorgeous exhibition. And yes – it’s on until the 9th!

Just about recovered…. I had til the seventh to take evrything down which i have done, i even sent an email to let him know and to ask him to confirm he was satisfied but have heard nothing… I dont really get it as he was getting free publicity…. Oh well, cannot please them all…

fabulous! I can’t wait to experience this one day. Syders, when does the exhibit end? I might be in Sydney in January!! YAHOO!

Oh Marina – it finishes on the 9th of November. January will be too late for this one (BUT! – maybe we can have a drink instead?)

Ahhh bummer! Yes, I’ll let you know about my trip. Still in the planning stages!

A first date? That would have won me over too Syd! I thoroughly enjoyed it too . I feel your pain now with your auto immune regime, my daughter was diagnosed 6 wks ago with a rare auto immune disease so our lives have been turned upside down. Your blog has been very helpful. Cheers Sue

It was a wonderful first date!

So sorry to hear about your daughter’s diagnosis. Do check out the Paleo Mom – she’s an invaluable resource for those attempting to put autoimmune issues into remission with diet and lifestyle changes. If you decide you’re interested in learning more, I can direct you to a number of bloggers who are on a similar path (albeit with different autoimmune issues). My life has changed – literally – as a result of following this protocol, and I know many others have found significant relief, too. X

Such an amazing exhibition and you couldn’t ask for a more spectacular location. I didn’t get there this year even though I was in Sydney but I feel the same way about the Swell Sculpture Festival – it would feel weird to not go. Thank you for sharing your experience of the exhibition, some really inspirational work on display. Happy Friday! Have a great weekend TSL 🙂

Cheers 2BD! One of these days, I hope to make it to the Swell festival, too…

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