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Seth Casteel – that underwater dog guy


Seth Casteel is pretty widely known as ‘The Underwater Dog Guy’.  His work has been all over the place recently.  I reckon’ it is because his love of animals shows through in every image.

You’ve probably seen these photographs before, but as they put such a smile on my face on this cold and wet Sydney day, I thought you may feel the same way…


And, if you didn’t already know, Seth has his first book, ‘Underwater Dogs’ due for release in October 2012.  That’ll be a winner for the coffee table (or perhaps for under the Christmas tree?).  You can pre-order the book through Amazon (here).

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Comments (22)

These photos certainly put a smile on my face too!

I always find it amazing when I see dogs go underwater and enjoy it. My dog loves the water but she would never put her head under. 🙂

Some dogs seem more water oriented than others. What kind of pup do you have, Mags?

Oh they are just fabulous. I have never seen them before. Harrison would love a photo like that, but he also rarely pops his head under, so all you would get is feet! 😉

Can you imagine Bella? She would look like a wee rat! 🙂

No bella would look awesome. she a prima dona would look good an anything,

Lovely Maria – you are biased! 🙂

Hands down, the best thing I have looked at all day!!! This is too too good!!! 🙂

Aren’t they fab’? Happy you enjoyed them, too. I’d really like one of Bella underwater (although she rather resembles a rat when wet!).

I got this in an e-mail… it was so cool 🙂

Cheers for stopping in, SG. 🙂

I love, love, love this series of photos! Thank you for bringing a huge smile to my face 🙂

Most excellent, 2BD. My absolute pleasure! 🙂

How good are the expressions on their faces!

I know! I just think they are the most wonderful images… What a fantastic concept?!?! 🙂

They are such cool pictures – especially love that second last one. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

I’m curious as to how they will inspire your post for tomorrow, Sparks! 🙂

Love it. I must send to my sister, who also does some great dog photos.

They are gorgeous, aren’t they? Hope your sister loves ’em, too. 🙂

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