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Shauna Richardson and her ‘Anything Can Be Art’ Crochetdermy

'Prince Harry' by Shauna Richardson
‘Prince Harry’ by Shauna Richardson
‘Unofficial Portrait’ commissioned by the Guardian Weekend Magazine
(Image © Shauna Richardson)

For all you regular readers of This Sydney Life, I have a small confession to make. I have finally accepted defeat. I gave it my best shot, but I will never be a crochet-er extra-ordinaire. Sadly, it is just not within me to achieve these lofty heights. My talents must lie elsewhere. And, I am gutted.

Do you want to know why…?

I keep finding these amazing artists who create amazing crochet art. I just love their work. And, Shauna Richardson is one of them.

According to her bio’, Shauna Richardson’s background is in conceptual art. She calls herself a ‘Crochetdermist’. The unique body of work she terms ‘Crochetdermy’ evolved out of the exploration of the theory that  ‘Anything can be art’. She uses crochet to sculpt realistic life-size animals – uncanny taxidermy-like forms.

Shauna has received much critical acclaim. Her work is receiving worldwide media coverage and selling into collections across the globe. In 2009, she won ‘Artists taking the lead’ part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad with the ‘Lionheart Project’. For two years she has been creating the largest single-handed crochet sculpture in the world. The finished piece will be housed in a mobile glass taxidermy style case and tour the United Kingdom before the Olympics. You can read more about it at:

Have a look at some of her crochetdermy work:

'Stag' by Shauna Richardson
‘Stag’ by Shauna Richardson
(Image © Shauna Richardson)
'Fox' by Shauna Richardson
‘Fox’ by Shauna Richardson
(Image © Shauna Richardson)
'Baboon' by Shauna Richardson
‘Baboon’ by Shauna Richardson
(Image © Shauna Richardson)
'Arctic Hare' by Shauna Richardson
‘Arctic Hare’ by Shauna Richardson
(Image © Shauna Richardson)
'Bear' by Shauna Richardson
‘Bear’ by Shauna Richardson
Exhibited at ‘The Power of Making’ at the V & A
(Image © Shauna Richardson)

Crochetdermy pieces are created to commission. Selected works on Shauna Richardson’s website are available for purchase. If you’d like to learn more, you can access it here.

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Comments (29)

Crochetdermist – I love that! The Bloggess would be very interested in this work, I have a feeling. It seems a bit more PC than actual taxidermy.

It’s definitely more PC than ACTUAL taxidermy, and has a lovely quirk factor that appeals. I just love Prince Harry!

Don’t throw in the towel yet! I’d love to see some of your crochet, you should put a bit up! Love this post, great idea : )

Anarty – did you see my earlier attempt at a square that morphed into a tiny cod-piece? The world is a better place without me continuing this particular craft. I shall try something else and keep you posted! Thanks for the moral support, tho’!

The world of crochet is not a better place without you in it Jo! At the very least we didn’t have nearly as many laughs at our final session yesterday (I even refrained from being outrageously cheeky to Jane).

The second biggest shock to you not coming along was ‘Elle’ suggesting we have a follow up session in about a month. She’s absolutely addicted!

Good luck with future endeavours – I’ll follow and read on with pleasure.

Lovely always
Girly Swat / “Hermione”

Awww Hermione! Thanks so much for popping in. That’s so lovely of you. Really.

I did think hard about coming to the final session yesterday. I loved my two sessions with the girls (You, Lucy, Elle and, of course, Jane) BUT I realised I wasn’t actually enjoying myself with the crochet. And, it was meant to be fun. So, it has been abandoned so that I may free myself up for an alternative (as yet undetermined) haberdashery pursuit. Watch this space!

Always happy to meet for a coffee while you crochet, though… 🙂

I am really sorry to hear about you giving up on the crochet, that is sad, but of course if it didn’t work out for you it is no good to try and hang in. 🙂
As for the animal heads, just not my thing, but I appreciate the talent and work that have gone into these pieces.

Mags – sometimes a girl just has to admit defeat. I can do other things…! 🙂

That Stag is amazing. Beloved crocheted little squares for a bedspread once but never got beyond circles and squares in bright colours. She went on to do Swiss Peasant Painting (Bauernmalerei) which was a little easier but I’m afraid although she enjoys it, it wouldn’t be touring anywhere!

Other than Prince Harry, I think the fox is my favourite. I love the expression on his wee face.

Does Beloved know you are spilling her secrets, Zac?

These are absolutely incredible. Wonderful find.

Hey TOT – nice to see you! I think they are, too. 🙂 I only wish I had it in me to crochet… (sigh)

Glad to hear you’re giving up the crochet! I’m over the crochet thing, and deers, and owls. Guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Maybe I need a crochet rug to warm me up!

Yeah! Let’s be renegade anti-crochet-ers together, PL! 🙂

Hi Syd, I think it started when I saw someone had made an outfit for a figure done by my beloved sculptor, Antony Gormley. Enough I say! Vive La Paint!!

Reblogged this on Knittwittowo and commented:
I was in awe of the lionheart project and would have loved to have seen it whilst I was here in England but sadly it’s just too far away!
Shauna Richardson has inspired me to crochet more – it’s so versatile and easy to pick up (well for me it was!)

Now you’re just showing off! 🙂

(Thanks for the re-blog!)

LOVE these, TSL! That fox is definitely my favourite, he looks as though he’s wondering how he got where he is! As for you giving up on crochet – without even testing the market for crocheted cod pieces, I might add – will only support that if it leaves room for you to pursue other haberdashery-based passions, which you can then share with us here.

PS, very cool to see Hermione from crochet class commenting and being proud of her swatty status! Sounds like it was a great group, so at least you got to meet some nice new peeps (and, of course, the cod piece) from dipping your toe in the crochet(ed) water… 🙂

Oh Sparks – I rather suspect there is a very small market for my teensy cod-pieces (ha!). Never fear – I shall renew my search for the perfect haberdashery-based passion with vim & vigour! More than happy to take suggestions…

It was lovely to see Hermione here in blog-land, wasn’t it? The crochet girls were all fab’. I may have to see if I can gate-crah their meet up in a month. Perhaps I could provide the coffee… I’m a pretty good barista! 🙂

Syders, I am disappointed that you have accepted defeat so easily. These artists are so inspiring; use their talents to push you. You cannot give up the crochet – I have faith. There’s gotta be a quote for what i am trying to say not-so-eloquently. Don’t give up Syders!

Mmmm – I do hear you, Marina. Sadly, crochet was not the haberdashery for me. How about this quote, Yogi M?

“People rarely succeed unless they are having fun”(Dale Carnegie)

I have moved on. Watch this space! 🙂

Ok Syders – I have to hand it to ya. You know when to walk away from the haberdashery. Ok – now I’m excited to know what you’re moving on to next! GREAT quote btw – Love it. And don’t forget – Dr Oz says: “Every day feel productive and challenged in a way that is tailor made to your unique desires and strengths.”

See – even Dr Oz was with me on the crochet-ing, Yogi M! – my “unique desires and strengths” lie in another haberdashery direction!

I look forward to reading an upcoming post about it! Love that you’re enjoying this journey 🙂

Hey J! No crochet from Sydney for us? I was so looking forward to that! I guess it’s not for everyone..though it could be! These are some pretty fun (and rather entertaining) finds today. You’ll find your bliss yet! I’m convinced it has to do with scouting…

Shira – I can feel the disappointment regarding my failure at crochet radiating from Brooklyn and Vancouver… It’s weighing heavily (well, not really THAT heavily) BUT it just wasn’t to be.

It’s quite lovely to have you and Marina in my corner. 🙂

XOX back.

You were so missed at the final crochet class, Jane looked quite crestfallen when she learned that you were not to return, she had a little something for you. I’m very addicted to the art of crochet but unfortunately my works won’t be appearing in any craft shows in the near future.
Priscilla aka Elle xx

Elle, my crochet-addicted back-of-the class buddy! Thanks for stopping by.

I do feel a little guilty now. Lovely Jane went to all that trouble…

Can’t believe you are addicted! Go you!!! 🙂

The artist has a sense of humor…
I love Fox piece…

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