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Shoot the Chef – My Favourite Part of Good Food Month

2013 Shoot the Chef
Ali and Osso Buco by John Mcrae
2013 Shoot the Chef Winner of Critics Choice
(Image by John Mcrae from here)

I’m a decent cook; I’m a decent chef. None of my friends would ever have hired me at any point in my career. Period. (Anthony Bourdain)

It’s Good Food Month here in Australia. In reality, it’s good food month every month here at Casa TSL, so it really makes little difference to LM and me.

And, I can’t really enjoy the Night Noodle Markets as they should be enjoyed because of my wee gluten problem…

But, what I do love is the annual Shoot the Chef photography competition. Professionals, students, (and for the first time in 2013) amateur photographers are invited to literally shoot a chef – with their camera. It always attracts some seriously creative food-loving photographers…

Shoot the Chef Logo
(Image from here)
Shoot the Chef by Teodora Tinc
Say Hello to my little Friend by Teodora Tinc
2013 Shoot the Chef winner of Peoples Choice Award
(Image by Teodora Tinc from here)
Steve Evans for Shoot the Chef
Blood and Bone by Steve Evans
Chef James Viles from Biota Dining
(Image by Steve Evans from here)
Daniel Sponiar for Shoot the Chef
Shannon Debreceny of Three Blue Ducks by Daniel Sponiar
(Image by Daniel Sponiar from here)
Lauren Yates for Shoot the Chef
Betty by Lauren Yates
Self portrait in honour of Betty Crocker
(Image by Lauren Yates from here)

If you’d like to see all the entries to the competition, The Star is exhibiting in Sydney from October 10 – 31 and the Rialto Towers has the honour in Melbourne from November 1 – 29. 

I may just see you there…

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Comments (7)

And just when I thought I was getting better at photography …

That Teodora Tinc shot is fantastic.

Baby steps, Fred. Baby steps. 🙂

Amazing… I love these photo’s really fun and so different. I keep wondering past the noodle markets but I am the worlds worst queuer so I always loose patience!

I always thought I was the world’s worst queuer… 🙂

I love food but was oblivious to Good Food month, will be in Sydney soon and hopefully have the chance to do a little exploring. The ‘shoot the chef’ photos are awesome, so creative.

oh – come for the sculpture walk, 2BD!

I will try, would love to see the sculptures.

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