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SIMPLE Barbecued Liver in Bacon (AIP/Paleo/Low Carb)

Liver in Bacon

Liver in Bacon


“Its a proven fact that all plans involving bacon have a ninety percent better chance of working out.”
― Jeff Gunhus

So, I know I don’t need to remind you about the incredible nutrient density of liver and how you should be grabbing every opportunity to get more grass-fed liver from happy animals into your diet at every opportunity…

But, liver…

I know some MANY people struggle with liver. There’s an ‘ick factor’ for some that just won’t go away. I’m not one of them. I love the stuff. 

I also know that one of the easiest ways to get more of this amazingly healthful protein into your diet is by way of disguising it in pâté – here’s an extensive list of pâté recipes if you’re interested. And, pâté rocks! I grew up on my Mum’s world-famous in New Zealand Chicken Liver Pâté.

Woman cannot live on liver pâté alone…

Especially because; bacon!

And, what could be easier than wrapping some perfect little lobes of liver in happy bacon and throwing them on the barbecue? Served with a wee dollop of stewed apple on the side.

Barbecued Duck Livers and Bacon

I picked up some lovely little duck livers from the Burrawong Gaian stand at the markets over the weekend.

And, Sunday afternoon seemed like the perfect time for David and I to while away some time on our balcony as the weather cleared for a little…

There’s something about barbecued food. It’s somehow more inclusive. Perhaps the act of cooking outside, so close to those you are cooking for…?

Any-who, inspired – I simply wrapped my lovely-jubbly duck livers in some Linga Longa bacon, popped them on some skewers, and David threw them on the barbecue for a few minutes each side – so the bacon was crispy but the livers were stil just pink in the middle. Just perfect with a little stewed apple!

Small admission – we enjoyed our nutrient dense snackage with a lovely bottle of cider (AIP reintro).

SIMPLE Barbecued Liver in Bacon (AIP/Paleo/Low Carb)
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
This recipe is AIP friendly Serves 4 as a snack or appetiser
Recipe type: Starters and Snacks
Serves: 4 serves
  • 3 Granny smith apples
  • 500g fresh whole duck (or chicken) livers, approx 7 livers
  • Salt
  • Thinly sliced bacon, about 14 slices.
  • Bamboo skewers
  1. Pop your skewers into cold water.
  2. Peel and core the apples, Roughly chop and throw into a medium sized saucepan with ¼ cup of water. Cover and bring to a simmer over a medium heat until soft, about 10 minutes. Given the pot an occasional shake.
  3. Mash well..
  4. Light the barbecue.
  5. Split the livers into individual lobes and remove any sinew. Rinse the livers and pat dry with a paper towel. Sprinkle with salt. Using one strip of bacon per lobe, wrap the bacon around the liver as firmly as possible (they can be sneaky!), then pierce with the skewer, using the skewer to hold the bacon in place. Repeat with each piece of liver, allowing three per skewer.
  6. Grill liver skewers on a medium barbecue until the bacon is crisp and the liver is just cooked through, turning every few minutes, about 7 to 8 minutes.
  7. Serve immediately.

E N J O Y !



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