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Video-Cast: Slow Down to Go Fast

Slow down to go fast
My very first Facebook Live video. Ever!
This week, I tried something new. My very first official ‘Facebook Live’ video – ‘Slow Down to Go Fast’. 

Putting myself out there on live video on the interweb like this isn’t a natural thing for this introvert to do! But – as a mentor and coach, the rapport I have with my clients is a foundation of our relationship. It takes trust, after all! And, one of the best ways for people to get a feel for me and my style is by seeing me in action.

“Say yes and you’ll figure it out afterwards.” – Tina Fey

So here’s the first in my Facebook Live series… I hope you find it helpful.

You know me, I’m all about finding tools and frameworks to help people make changing their diet and lifestyle changes more achievable. It’s why I chose slow down to go fast as the subject for my first video.

The idea behind slow down to go fast is not a new one. Circa 44BC, Emperor Augustus is credited with the concept of Festina lente, (Latin for make haste, slowly). It’s been around for a fair while!

The phrase relates to the somewhat counter-intuitive notion that stopping or slowing down at the beginning of a process to consider what – and, importantly how – you plan to accomplish your goals, will enable you to go much faster in the end. Ultimately, by implementing this simple step, you are likely to be far more successful, and in the same amount of time, too

In this video, I talk about how this relates to a healing protocol. Essentially, if tasks are overly rushed, mistakes are made and good long-term results will not be achieved.

The video is just under 12 minutes in length. I’d love you to watch it and let me know what you think…

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Resources referenced in the video:

If you’d like some personalised help in slowing down to go fast, please send me an email at We can work together to implement incremental changes that make positive differences to your health.
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Slow down to go fast

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I love the STOP mnemonic. That’s easy to remember. Thank you Joanna!

You are so very welcome, Miss Erin. It’s always good to hear when a tip or trick resonates!

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